Is Organic Marketing Dead? 10 Tips on How to Increase Organic Traffic in 2022

Is Organic Marketing Dead? 10 Tips on How to Increase Organic Traffic in 2022

The short answer is; of course not! Organic marketing is what will separate your business from the competition. Organic marketing strategies produce organic traffic that is directly related to what users are searching for in relation to your business. Essentially, a long-term free success plan with no budgeting is required to help to build foundations with potential customers. While organic marketing is essential, many business owners are lost on how to increase their organic traffic. 

What is Organic Traffic?

The SEO world is exciting, but can also be confusing. An organic search result is when a user finds your website through a means that is not paid for. In other words, the user has found you organically. If you’re thinking about ways to increase your organic traffic, you may have hit a roadblock. Fear not! One of the best ways to boost organic traffic is to really dive into SEO best practices, as this can help you rank higher on search engines to put you in front of more eyes. While growing your website organically can sound overwhelming, there are some simple steps you can start implementing right away. 

1. Create a Keyword Strategy

Determine what keywords are going to work well for your business and connect the most with your audience. In order to make a list of the keywords you want to target, you will want to think about how consumers would search for your services or products. While making a list of these keywords, be sure to check the traffic and competition for each term. Keywords and keyword strategy is vital to creating content, as well as enhancing website copy, that will rank on Google and other search engines. 

2. Optimize Page Titles

The title tag, or <title> in HTML code, tells a search engine a short description of what is on that page of your website. It will be what Google first displays, as part of organic search results. Page titles should be concise, less than 70 characters, but also relevant. This is the very first thing a user will see when they scroll through search results, so you will want to make sure that your title is not only clear, but accurate to your website and offerings.  

3. Write Good Content

Sounds simple enough, right? However, many businesses struggle with creating evergreen content that relates to their audience. This is one of the many ways a digital marketing agency can assist you. Always place quality above quantity, as this will assist in building up your reputation. Users that are searching for your business, including your products and services, want information that will help them in some way. If you are stumped on where to start, think about the needs of your potential customers. Ask yourself what information they might like to know. Content should always be original and never plagiarized, as this will hurt search rankings. 

4. Integrate Keywords into Your Content 

Utilize your keyword list to put these keywords throughout your content, including other aspects of your website like title tags and meta descriptions. In years prior, it was thought that putting in as many keywords as you could would help boost you in the algorithm. However, that is what is known as “keyword stuffing” and it will only slow down your ascent to the top of the search results. Instead, focus on relevancy when placing keywords. 

5. Write Meta Descriptions That Lead to Clicks

Google will display your meta description in the search results right underneath your title. The meta description acts as a short explanation of what can be found on that particular page. Meta descriptions should be made to be enticing for a user that is scrolling through multiple search results, so lead with value. 

6. Utilize Keywords as Anchor Text for Linking

When you are linking to another page, the text that is hyperlinked is referred to as anchor text. Optimizing your anchor text with keywords will help tell the search engine what the linked website is about. While you can use exact keyword phrasing, you can also use close variations of your keywords to prevent overuse. 

7. Make Your URLs Readable

Search engines know that your URLs are going to be read by a real person, so creating a confusing or unreadable URL could potentially hurt your search rankings. This includes the URL for every page on your website, so ensure that they are all readable to relate to the content on the page. 

8. Don’t Leave Out ALT Tags

ALT tags are often forgotten about, but they are important for SEO! These HTML elements are used to provide alternatives when an image can’t be rendered. Make sure to always place targeted keywords in ALT tags. 

9. Create a Link Building Strategy 

Link building refers to getting new links to your site from external websites. While you might be creating good content that leads to sharing, you can also guest blog and ask authoritative sites to link back to your page. When creating a link building strategy, you will want to focus on the domain authority that you are receiving backlinks from, as authority is passed over through links and this can help your ranking. 

10. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Mobile optimization does affect your ranking, so it is pertinent that your website is mobile-friendly. Testing out your website on a mobile device is a great place to start. However, the optimization part can get a little tricky. Keep your CTA buttons accessible and compress images to help with loading times. 

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