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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, we work to increase your visibility in search results.

Why is Content Important for Search Engine Placement?

Think of each blog post or piece of content as a potential avenue for traffic to enter your site. Each piece of content – each new page page – has a different focus, with different keyword strength. This ensures that you’re gaining visibility for a variety of keywords and related search phrases.


Meta descriptions are what the users look at, when they’re pouring over search engine results to decide what site to check out. We optimize these, too, for that reason.

What is Metadata?

Meta titles are what Google looks at, to learn what is on your site. Each page has it’s own title, which is prominently displayed in search engine results, so it’s important that these are well-optimized for humans and machines. We spend a good amount of time on these so they accurately reflect what’s on your page, so Google knows what kind of traffic to send to you.

So, Are You Optimizing My Site for Google, or for Users?

Yes. 🙂 We are optimizing your site for both.

When Will I See Results?

If we had a way to accurately state this with confidence, SEO wouldn’t be nearly as fun. SEO is a bit unpredictable, but we’ve been in the game long enough to know what works. The bottom line is that SEO is an investment, even if only for a short time, but the effects are long-lasting. Results depends on the nature of your business, the availability we have to do the work we need to do, your site’s speed and functionality – but, one thing we can assure you – you will see results. SEO is a continuous process, but we lay the foundation for you.

What is the long tail keyword?

The likelihood of our site ranking for the search term “SEO” is much less likely than ranking for a hyper-local term like “SEO services in Seattle”. But, that’s ok. You know why? The person typing SEO is probably looking to write an FAQ for their own marketing company, and the person typing in the long tail phrase “SEO services in Seattle” is much more likely to actually visit our site and convert. That’s what we want for you. All the long tail keywords.

Why do you say organic when you talk about my site’s traffic?

Organic traffic is unpaid search engine traffic – people that find you naturally, by logging in, going to a search engine, and typing in their keyword or phrase of choice. It’s unpaid, unaffected, all-natural traffic coming to your site because your site was the best match. Period.

Can I just find content I like and repost it on my site?

You could, but please don’t. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. It’s important to have your own thoughtful, unique, and relevant content – not just the ability to repost someone else’s.

I only need a website redesign, not SEO, so…

We’re just going to stop you right there. If you’re hiring the right firm, SEO is apart of a good re-design. You can continue SEO after your site is launched, but a good site design includes foundational SEO.

Are links dead?

Oy. Nothing is ever dead, but please be mindful of how people acquire links. At N2Q, we manually build up your citations and general presence in local and industry-specific directories… this is legit, and white hat, which is how we roll.

Do you submit my site to search engines?

Don’t have to. We make sure you have a sitemap properly submitted, and then our job is to help you create lots of new content, so you have many pages of high-quality, indexed content for Google bots to choose from.

I know a programmer and a developer. Can they do SEO?

If you know someone that builds sites for a living, there’s a chance they could be just creating scripts or performing other back-end tactics to “enhance” your site, tricking Google into ranking you well. We don’t recommend it. Google is smart, and really can’t be tricked. If you’re running scripts to boost your ranking, they’ll find out sooner or later.

Social Media

What does social media strategy mean?

We will develop a Listen-Connect-Lead framework for each client to discover needs and create up to three objectives that will guide our social actions and how we will measure success on the campaigns we run for you.

What do you provide through consulting?

We offer up to one hour per session to ask questions, create campaigns and work together to increase your social sites’ effectiveness and analyze what we can do to improve your digital media success.

What is a social profile and what do you do?

Create profile with custom branding and graphics on the social network(s) of your choice (ie Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

What do you mean by reputation and monitoring?

We will help you learn what people are saying about you on all social media channels and give advice on how to change negative sentiment to positive affirmation.

What do the reports tell me?

We provide deep analytical insights to show you what we did with the time spent over the month and what results we were able to accomplish. This includes standard facts like how many new fans, followers or likes you received, how many posts or tweets were sent, as well as deeper insights like fan demographics, content activity, post engagement, and sentiment.

What if I want to add another social profile?

To create a new profile can be added for another $100 one-time fee. If you would like N2Q to monitor and curate content for that profile, then please inquire for the additional monthly fee.

Web Design

What do you consider as a page?

A page is a anything with content that is static and does not change frequently like a blog or portfolio (ie the homepage, about, contact, pricing, testimonials, etc).

What is a revision?

This is for major revisions like changing out and redesigning multiple pictures, custom designing backgrounds, coming up with a new design hierarchy, and other such major changes.

What is a theme and where do you find it?

After we discuss what you are looking for in a website, we will come up with multiple options you can pick from to match your design preferences to theme styles and make sure they will offer what you are looking for in a website. We use professionally designed themes that come from a variety of authors and must be mobile-friendly and have great support from the designers and developers.

What is hosting and what happens after the initial year(s)?

Hosting is what allows you to post content like videos, images and text. It is required to have a website. After the pre-paid hosting runs out, you can renew through N2Q for $10/mn or $100 a year.

Who will design my logo?

N2Q will meet with you to discuss what you are looking for in a logo and then work with professional graphic designers to create for you 1-3 versions of a logo you can pick from with 1 free revision.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is on-site training?

Just because we created a Youtube channel for you won’t mean you will know how to upload a video or what tags to use. Included in our plans above is on-site training where we will come to your business and meet with you or a team of employees to teach them how to use these new social sites and the strategy we created for each one.

On-site training? What if I’m in Argentina?

I love to travel and I got a passport! However, on-sight training is limited to twenty miles from Seattle, Washington. For those outside of that proximity, I am happy to come to you if you want to cover travel expenses. Otherwise, on-sight training will be done via Skype video conferencing.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee you will be satisfied with the work we promised. While we cannot guarantee the specific amount of followers or guarantee new clients knocking on your door, we will work until you are content with our social media or marketing plans.

What if my business already has a Facebook or Twitter page?

Easy! We can redesign it to meet your company’s brand or start from scratch. If you like what you have, then we can work to optimize your page and build a strong fan following.