Pay Per Click (PPC)

Just like you, we want your business’ website to be seen, to get noticed and to get more traffic than LA rush hour. When it comes to generating highly qualified traffic instantaneously, pay per click (PPC) advertising is your man. While sometimes known as various aliases (e.g. search engine marketing or SEM, AdWords, etc.), the mission is the same: capture your ideal audience at their point of search.


When partnered with a smart SEO strategy, PPC is a potent one-two punch.

SEO is great for long-term, organic traffic

PPC is perfect for driving traffic immediately

SEO is the signature move, the Chuck Norris roundhouse

PPC is the soft jabs. It gets people
to your site today, right now.

You’re only spending dollars when your ideal audience is actually clicking on your links, so you know that highly relevant, targeted traffic is exactly what you’re getting.

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When you bring us on to help with PPC (or anything else), you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. N2Q is proud to be a Google Partner, meaning we’ve passed multiple tests to obtain a certification of AdWords and Analytics (read: Expert Level 100).

So you can be confident that true AdWords experts are running your campaign and ensuring that every keyword is optimized, your landing page is well built, and your campaign is set up to achieve your ultimate goal.

Check out some of our PPC client results:

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As with all N2Q services, there is no long-term contract. We welcome you to run a trial campaign and allow us to show you that we can deliver a high return on your ad spend. We’re confident you’ll want to keep us around!

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