Make N2Q Your Virtual Marketing Department

Your company is your livelihood, your passion, and in some ways, your baby. When you hire N2Q, you hire a partner, a coach, a friend. We work closely with you to make sure we accurately capture your company’s voice and tone, can articulate your message and mission, and understand your audience. We want you to feel the confidence in knowing what we design, what we write, and what we develop is something that you fall in love with every single day.

Here are some of the rockstars ready to work with you:

Kyle Willis N2Q

Kyle Willis

Chief Strategist

Hidden Talent:

Minor in Russian Literature from UW.

Kyle is the best friend you never knew you had. He’s going to treat your business like it was his own and only encourage marketing investments he’s confident you’ll see a return on.


You’ll work with Kyle at the beginning of all projects to ensure there’s a clear game plan, scope of work, and metrics to measure success by. His background is in social media and paid advertising and has managed over $5M in ad spend, both domestically and internationally, so he’s ready for a challenge. He’ll ensure you’re setup for success from the get-go and build your trust so you can confidently say hiring N2Q was the best decision you made for your business.


You ready to look beyond status quo?

N2Q Headshots - Rachel

Rachel Leonhart

Marketing Manager

Hidden Talent:

Speaks Consistently in Music/Movie Quotes

Remember when the USA had a respectable basketball team in the Olympics? Jordan, Bird, Drexler, Hakeem, Magic…they were unstoppable. Well, we’re bringing that dream team magic back to your marketing department and Rachel is the All-Star you want on your side.


Rachel is our client’s best friend. Where most companies make SEO feel mistic and confusing, she pulls back the curtain to reveal the wizard hard at work, so you know exactly what we’re doing at all  times. She’s a Google magician and embodies the holistic approach N2Q is built on so your website, your SEO, your ads, and everything else all work together in unison.

Timothy Wilkins

Paid Ads Strategist

Hidden Talent:

Can Bench Over 500lbs

With over ten years experience in running paid ad campaigns, Timothy is our in-house expert for all things ad related. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram…you name it. He can do it. And he can do it well.


Timothy’s direction of our client ad campaigns regularly generates 3X-10X returns on ad spend. He knows how to get people to click those ads and if you got a great product or service, he can get people to buy.


For over four years, Timothy was a Senior Account Strategist at Google and led teams educating clients on how to maximize their success with Google Ads and helped nonprofits leverage the full value in what the Google Grant program has to offer.

Xin (Shawn) Zhu

Lead Developer

Hidden Talent:

Fluent in Esperanto

Xin (pronounced Shawn) is N2Q’s secret weapon. Ok…the secret isn’t so secret, but he’s our rockstar developer who ensures your dreams become a reality.


Able to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue, Node.js, Express.js, Laravel, and, oh, sorry, did we lose you there? Let’s just say this guy is a genius. You see his hidden talent above? Yeah, that’s an artificial language he’s fluent in.


When he’s not making website dreams come true, he’s an accomplished speaker, journalist, and radio program editor.


With over 15 years of experience in web development, he can handle pretty much any request. Go ahead, try him. He’ll find a way to get it done!

Ryanne Levin N2Q

Ryanne Levin


Hidden Talent:

Expert Kitten Caller.

Ryanne is a graphic designer and illustrator living in sunny Florida.  She traded her rain boots in for tank tops and rubs it in our face a little. She loves marrying digital illustration with print and web design to create unique and stunning visuals (just take a look at our website – she hand-drew most everything here). While illustration and design are her specialties, shes no stranger to front-end web development.


Using her knowledge of WordPress and HTML/CSS, shes been building websites for small and mid-sized businesses for close to a decade. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind illustration or a custom look for your site, Ryanne will work to give you the design youre looking for.


Matthew Tiger

Graphic Designer

Hidden Talent:

Stand Up Comedian

Matthew is a creative powerhouse. With over 20 years experiences as a visual designer, he’s your guide from ideation to creation. Having worked with over 100 different organizations, we’re pretty confident to say he’s worked with a company similar to yours.


Not sure how to bring your ideas to life? Fear not, that’s what Matthew excels in. He’ll help take all those “what if’s” you got rattling around in your brain so you can conceptually see and experience what words could merely do before.


Website mockups, logos, annual reports, business cards, you name it, he can design it. C’mon, give us a challenge. We dare ya!

Red Balansay

Graphic Designer

Hidden Talent:

Laughing at Bad Jokes

Red resides in the great ol’ Pacific Northwest and brings to N2Q over ten years of experience as a graphic designer and content manager.


Let’s face it. There are a lot of good designers out there, but it’s not often you can find someone who understands how viewers act, designs to effectively engage them, and can provide the copy to accompany his great aesthetics. It’s the full package.


Red’s skill comes from years of managing design and content marketing teams. He knows how to understand client needs, relay this to his team, and find ways to “wow” the customer without missing deadlines or going over budget.

N2Q Headshots - Karen

Karen Roemer

Content Marketer

Hidden Talent:

Competitive Horseback Rider

It’s not easy to step into any business and be able to create consistent content for them, but when you have Karen on your team, anything is possible.


Karen is our content extraordinaire. She excels in being able to immerse herself into a business, understand the industry, recognize the competitive opportunities, and create engaging content that both you and Google will love.


Whether it be a blog series, an email campaign, or long-form, like ebooks and guides, Karen brings your business to life through words.

Brian Zenarosa

Digital Marketing Manager

Hidden Talent:

Talented Musician and Director

Remember Bert, the chimney sweeper in Mary Poppins, who was a one-man band and could basically do everything thanks to a little Mary Poppins’ magic? Brian is that guy to N2Q.


Competitor analysis. Keyword research. Industry insights. Brian geeks out over data and helping you know what to act on.


He’s our utility player that touches all aspects of digital marketing in search engine optimization, social media planning, ad campaigns, and so much more. No task is too big or too small. Brian knows how to get it done on time, within budget, and delivered with excellence.

Hidden Talent:

Flexible schedules are
what matter most.

N2Q Consulting is seeking Seattle’s next great digital marketing manager. We’re looking for someone ready to bring a fresh, creative perspective to our clients’ social media and paid advertising campaigns. No two days will be the same and you’ll need to be a good communicator who can work well with deadlines.


This digital marketing manager will be responsible to support our SEO, PPC, and social media teams. You’re a good fit if you can write eloquently while being witty, in both long and short form. You’re gonna like this job if you do well working on your own, don’t need someone telling you what to do every day, and like every day being a bit different than the last. Our ideal candidate can master Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and pump out some awesome blog articles all in a day’s work.

John Leckenby N2Q

John Leckenby

Content Strategist

Hidden Talent:

Can Easily Juggle 5 Balls.

John is our OG N2Q team member, as he has been working with us since shortly after our humble kitchen beginnings. John’s a social media manager with extensive experience in creative writing, social media content and strategy, videography, and other creative outlets. He traded in rainy Saturdays and good coffee for the sunshine of California, but couldn’t say goodbye to N2Q, so works remotely with us.


John has regularly provided quality content and creative direction for a variety of organizations, with an emphasis on helping non-profits and NGOs extend their message through digital marketing initiatives.

Barbara Hernandez

Barbara Hernandez

Graphic Designer

Hidden Talent:

Amateur Astronomer.

Barbara is a designer originally from Los Angeles, CA, and ventured north to Seattle a few years ago. If this was an eHarmony bio, we’d call her ambitious and driven. So, if you’re looking for someone you can take long walks on the beach with, maybe not your girl. If you’re wanting someone who’s going to challenge your perception of good design and willing to climb Mt. Everest for your success, then you found your match.


As one of our designers, Barb will be the expert you rely on to know what will make your audience convert. She’s unwilling to let you stay inside the box. This is No to the Quo, after all. And when she’s not obsessively working on a project, she enjoys brewery hopping in Vancouver, CA, and camping in the Pacific Northwest. So if you wanna meet at a local taphouse or up in the woods, she’d be down.

Corianne Burton N2Q

Corianne Burton

Project Manager

Hidden Talent:

World Champion Equestrian.

We like to refer to Corianne as our client’s best friend, and for good reason. Her #1 job is to make sure our clients love working with us. SEO, PPC, social media – they’re all tactics to achieve a goal. She will ensure you understand the why behind the what and be your point of contact for any question, anytime.


As your project manager, she’ll collaborate with you to customize your campaign to fit your goals, and chances are good that you’ll probably have some fun along the way. Whether you prefer a detailed, data-driven analysis of results that you would be thrilled to present at your board meeting, or quick, simple, and easy to digest bullet points, she’s got you covered.

Looking to ditch the status quo? Become an N2Q team member!