Make N2Q Your Virtual Marketing Department

Your company is your livelihood, your passion, and in some ways, your baby. When you hire N2Q, you hire a partner, a coach, a friend. We work closely with you to make sure we accurately capture your company’s voice and tone, can articulate your message and mission, and understand your audience. We want you to feel the confidence in knowing what we design, what we write, and what we develop is something that you fall in love with every single day.

Here are some of the rockstars ready to work with you:

Kyle Willis N2Q

Kyle Willis

Founder, Chief Strategist

Hidden Talent:

Minor in Russian literature at UW.

Kyle is the Founder of N2Q and makes a personal investment in the management of each project. Kyle is an SEM/social strategist with over 10 years experience in optimizing websites, finding audiences, building websites and using organic content and digital advertising to create engaging social communities.


He will be your expert on social media platforms, display advertising, and marketing collateral. He has worked for large companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, John L. Scott Realty, and Farmers Insurance as well as small businesses locally and as far as Africa and Switzerland.

Sam Mellow N2Q

Sam Mello

Lead Developer

Hidden Talent:

It’s an unknown mysterious secret.

Sam is N2Qs Swiss Army knife; there isnt a project he cant do well. As an expert in backend development, he can code like theres no tomorrow, and hes equally talented at at front-end development. Whether it be full-stack, iOS, HTML/CSS, or most any other language, he can handle any request for a custom coded site. Go ahead, give him something challenging to try and build!


Though Sam is part of our remote team, hes developed projects for Forbes, Toshiba, Kimberly-Clark, John Deere, Zoka Coffee, Fairway Mortgage, and many, many more.

Barbara Hernandez

Barbara Hernandez

Lead Designer

Hidden Talent:

Amateur astronomer.

Barbara is a designer from Los Angeles, CA. Ambitious and driven, her passions dwell deep in design and technology. She possess the unique combination of  incredible skill and passion for great design and the inner ninja to code in HTML/CSS or most any other language. When she’s not obsessively working on a project, she enjoys brewery hopping in Vancouver, CA, and camping in the Pacific Northwest.


As N2Q’s lead designer, she will set high standards in making your vision a reality. The end goal is to not only take your napkin drawings and bring it to life, but to create new innovative ways for your business to succeed.

Ryanne Levin N2Q

Ryanne Levin


Hidden Talent:

Expert kitten caller.

Ryanne is a graphic designer and illustrator who grew up in sunny Arizona.  She loves marrying digital illustration with print and web design to create unique and stunning visuals. While illustration and design are her specialties, shes no stranger to front-end web development.


Using her knowledge of WordPress and HTML/CSS, shes been building websites for small and mid-sized businesses for over four years. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind illustration or a new look for your site, Ryanne will work to give you the design youre looking for.

Corianne Burton N2Q

Corianne Burton

Lead SEO

Hidden Talent:

World champion equestrian.

We like to refer to Corianne as our SEO Wizard, and for good reason. She has a passion for SEO, Google, and “optimized content marketing”. She whole-heartedly believes in the importance of a high quality, conversion-oriented website, and is committed to helping you achieve your SEO goals through this approach.


As your project manager, she’ll collaborate with you to customize your campaign to fit your goals, and chances are good that you’ll probably have some fun along the way. Whether you prefer a detailed, data-driven analysis of results that you would be thrilled to present at your board meeting, or quick, simple, and easy to digest bullet points, she’s got you covered.

Jesse Matz

Jesse Matz

Lead PPC

Hidden Talent:

He is a level 50 druid.

Jesse is an SEO strategist that was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. After many successful ventures, Jesse made his way to Seattle with eagerness to help other businesses that are baffled in the SEO realm. With years of experience, he has a keen eye for e-commerce and local businesses. What gets him up in the morning? Finding the most prominent keywords and striking when the iron is hot with content marketing to get your website to the top of the search engines.


Sticking with up-to-date trends and white hat practices, Jesse will make sure to keep your competitors in check while you’re top dog.

John Leckenby N2Q

John Leckenby

Content Strategist

Hidden Talent:

Can easily juggle 5 balls.

John is our OG N2Q team member, as he has been working with us since shortly after our humble kitchen beginnings. John’s a social media manager with extensive experience in creative writing, social media content and strategy, videography, and other creative outlets. Hes got a deep love for his hometown, Seattle, and when he’s not managing your social outlets like a champ, he can be found playing the guitar and making music- his other passions.


John has regularly provided quality content and creative direction for a variety of organizations, with an emphasis on helping non-profits and NGOs extend their message through digital marketing initiatives.

Dusty Henry Heashot

Dusty Henry

Content Strategist

Hidden Talent:

After-hours Seattle
music scene journalist.

Dusty is a content specialist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He has a background in digital and content marketing, as well as extensive work in journalism and blogging. He especially loves looking at a project and trying to find a new angle from a storytelling perspective.


Whether it’s a blog post, tweet, or even a meta description, his goal is to help build the narratives of our clients’ businesses.

Hidden Talent:

Flexible schedules are
what matter most.

N2Q Consulting is seeking Seattle’s next great digital marketing manager. We’re looking for someone ready to bring a fresh, creative perspective to our clients’ social media and paid advertising campaigns. No two days will be the same and you’ll need to be a good communicator who can work well with deadlines.

This digital marketing manager will be responsible to support our SEO, PPC, and social media teams. You’re a good fit if can write eloquently while being witty, in both long and short form. You’re gonna like this job if you do well working on your own, don’t need someone telling you what to do every day, and like every day being a bit different than the last. Our ideal candidate can master Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and pump out some awesome blog articles all in a day’s work.

Looking to ditch the status quo? Become an N2Q team member!