About N2Q

Turkey sandwiches. Humble beginnings. Built on strengths.

It all began in a kitchen. Maybe it was our love for turkey sandwiches. Maybe it’s because it was the only room that could fit a desk. It’s hard to say exactly why the kitchen was the setting, but our mission was clear from the start: we were tired of seeing businesses being taken advantage of with mediocre work and over-priced retainers. So, we set out to change the agency mindset, and to break the status quo.

n2q turkey sandwich

Over the last five years, we’ve grown from a kitchen-based social media management company to a full-service digital marketing agency in downtown Seattle. We’ve rounded up a team of experts in their fields who deliver top-notch results. From SEO and PPC to web design and marketing collateral, we’re here to help your business get noticed and look beyond status quo.

N2Q Philosophy

People Over Profit.

While some agencies try to win over clients with yacht parties and Super Bowl suites, we take a different, more personal approach (though if we do ever find ourselves hosting a yacht party, you’d probably be invited). We like to create a relationship with you that earns your trust by actually getting results that help grow your business. We ensure that happens by offering all of our services on a month-by-month basis, which basically translates to this: If we’re not delivering the results you want to see, then tomorrow should be our last day.


Our approach is simple: we only recommend the services you need to obtain your goals. No twelve-month campaign when you really only need six months. No $50k ad budget when $15 to boost a post will work just fine. And $150/hr for writing a blog article? Seriously?!


We pride ourselves on our quality and our affordability, and we encourage you to check out our portfolio and be the judge yourself.

Dan Chapman

Dan Chapman

Fairway Mortgage

I use Kyle and his team for my social media marketing, web site design and maintenance, they do a great job and really know their stuff! Fast responses when I email them with something I need done. Very cutting edge, my online presence has increased with what they have done for me and my mortgage business!
Alex Credgington

Alex Credgington

I have engaged N2Q on a number of projects, from advertising to campaign development, and have been consistently impressed with their work. Their team is knowledgeable, success-focused, and savvy in the latest digital marketing tactics. More importantly, they put the client relationship first. I’ve used many marketing firms and consultants, but have come to trust N2Q as my go-to agency.
Riana N.

Riana N.

Oil Trap

... I hired N2Q and we are SOOOO pleased with the results. When I unveiled the brand new website at one of the company meetings, the staff was blown away and couldn't believe that was "THEIR" company website!!! It was a day/night comparison to the "yahoo GeoCities" style website that I started with...

N2Q Process

Communication Each Step of the Way

Whether you hire us to grow your Facebook audience, generate online sales through AdWords, or need a website makeover, we’ll begin by sitting down with you in person (or phone for those not in Seattle) and talking through each step of the campaign and how it fits your goals, as we want you keen on our approach and will always welcome your input.


But if that’s not your cup of tea, fear not: If you’d prefer to just be updated on the results, then just sit back and watch the numbers rise.

We are fully capable to run the show and let you rake in the cash.