About N2Q

When You Know, You Know

You ever get that feeling something just feels right?


It’s no magic words. It’s not the shiny objects or fancy awards. It’s something inside you that just feels at peace.

You have that feeling you know you can’t ignore.


Haven’t felt that in a while?

That’s when you know you’re settling for the status quo.

That’s what we’re out to change.

We’re quite particular in who we bring on as clients. We want both of us to have that feeling of wonder, excitement, and vision for what’s to come.


As you get to know us a little looking over the site, you might just get the start of that feeling inside.

Hopefully you start to get some of your initial questions answered about us.

Check out that free strategy session offer. It’s legit and not some automated thing or disguised way to sell you something you don’t need.

That’s status quo and we hate that shit.


Find out what we do love though…

Every Story Has a Beginning

n2q turkey sandwichIt all began in a kitchen. Maybe it was our love for turkey sandwiches. Maybe it’s because it was the only room that could fit a desk. It’s hard to say exactly why the kitchen was the setting, but our mission was clear from the start: make our clients feel like we’re their greatest asset and they couldn’t grow their business without us.


This doesn’t happen with the standard methods agencies operate in.

Hourly tasks where you, the client, feel like you hired a lawyer and are afraid to ever email the agency you hired  thinking you’ll be charged for a response or a phone call.


Five-figure minimums to run a marketing campaign or build a website.


And never really knowing what we’re doing until you have to chase them down.


We were tired of seeing businesses being taken advantage of with mediocre work and over-priced retainers. So, we set out to change the agency method and client mindset, and to break the status quo.


Over the last five years, we’ve grown from a kitchen-based social media management company to a full-service digital marketing agency in downtown Seattle. We’ve rounded up a team of experts in their fields who deliver top-notch results. From SEO and PPC to web design and branding, we’re here to make two things happen: turn your business’ current ceiling into your next floor and help you sleep well at night knowing the best goddamn marketing agency has your back as your virtual marketing department.

Dan Chapman

Dan Chapman

Fairway Mortgage

I use Kyle and his team for my social media marketing, web site design and maintenance, they do a great job and really know their stuff! Fast responses when I email them with something I need done. Very cutting edge, my online presence has increased with what they have done for me and my mortgage business!
Alex Credgington

Alex Credgington

I have engaged N2Q on a number of projects, from advertising to campaign development, and have been consistently impressed with their work. Their team is knowledgeable, success-focused, and savvy in the latest digital marketing tactics. More importantly, they put the client relationship first. I’ve used many marketing firms and consultants, but have come to trust N2Q as my go-to agency.
Riana N.

Riana N.

Oil Trap

... I hired N2Q and we are SOOOO pleased with the results. When I unveiled the brand new website at one of the company meetings, the staff was blown away and couldn't believe that was "THEIR" company website!!! It was a day/night comparison to the "yahoo GeoCities" style website that I started with...

The Next Step

Take a few minutes, look around the site. You’ll notice a few things different about us.


Sure, we’ll highlight some of the great clients we’ve worked with, some of the prestigious awards and honors we’ve received or publications mentioned in, but at the end of the day, you need to be able to see yourself in those case studies and might begin to question if that can be real for you.


We may not know you yet, but we’ve done this long enough we can tell you pretty quickly if we can serve you well.


We’re confident enough in our abilities that we don’t ask for long-term contracts. Our attitude is that if we’re doing our job right, we’ll be one of the most important team members to your company. If we’re shitting the bed, then tomorrow should be our last day.

So, Let's Get Started

Begin by scheduling your free strategy session.


We’ll ask a few questions to learn about your business, what your goals are, and help you devise a legit marketing blueprint you can apply to  your business. It’s not a sales pitch or a bait and switch. You’ll get real advice and can decide if we’re a good fit to help take you to the next level.


We look forward to helping you find that feeling inside.

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