Compleat Restorations


Compleat Restorations is a damage restoration and environmental services company based in Pennsylvania that serves both residential and commercial property owners.

Having worked with multiple marketing agencies over the years and consistently running into the same issues–poor communication and lackluster results–they knew they didn't have the expertise or the time to bring services in-house, but they were burnt out and felt like every marketing agency was the same–a lot of talk without being able to back it up.

They were attracted to our service model of a no long-term commitment setup and the necessity for us to show them the results for us to keep the job. In the first month, they told us working with No to the Quo was already a complete difference than any other agency they've worked with before.

The Situation

Compleat Restorations first approached No the Quo seeking help with their PPC and SEO efforts. Unfortunately, the company’s website was outdated, difficult to navigate and had major duplicate page issues affecting its overall standing with Google. Without a solid website to anchor their digital marketing strategy, it was difficult to make measurable improvements in other areas, so Compleat Restorations additionally engaged No to the Quo on a website rebuild.

The Solution

No to the Quo approached the website rebuild with two main points in mind: to provide a solid SEO foundation and create an intuitive user experience. On the technical SEO front, we fixed all the broken links and 404 errors and implemented other best-practices to improve page speed. We also crafted a thoughtful content strategy that would turn the new website into a hub of useful information proving Compleat Restorations’ expertise to both customers and the search engines.

For PPC, No to the Quo set up local ad campaigns to drive local traffic to the new site and capture searches that displayed conversion intent. We also established conversion tracking on the website and phone number to provide better visibility on lead generation.

The Results

Since partnering with No to the Quo, Compleat Restorations has experienced major improvements in its PPC performance. Working with Compleat Restorations, No to the Quo uncovered seasonal trends and important insights into the target audience’s behavior to deliver effective ads and beat out the local competition. By making strategic changes to ad copy/creative, we also helped Compleat Restorations greatly improve its Google Ads conversion rates. In 2020, ads experienced a conversion rate of 2.2%. With No to the Quo’s help, that number improved to 6.7% in 2021 and 11.5% in 2022.

During Compleat’s partnership with No to the Quo, they have also consistently seen a decrease in their average Cost per Acquisition (CPA) combined with an increase in leads generated. In Q4 2020, Compleat brought in 50 leads with a CPA of $203; fast forward to Q4 2021, and the company gained 210 leads with a CPA of just $56.

Our proactive approach and ability to lead their marketing efforts enabled them to give us more responsibility, increased ad budgets, and expanded services. Now, we're their only marketing agency and act as their virtual marketing department.

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