Eighth Generation


Eighth Generation is a Seattle-based art and lifestyle brand owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe. As the first Native-owned company to make Native blankets, the company prides itself on providing an ethical alternative to “Native-inspired” art and products through its artist-centric approach and 100% Native designed products. To further its mission, Eighth Generation also established the Inspired Natives™ Project, which builds business capacity among cultural artists while addressing the economic impact of cultural appropriation.

The Situation

When Eighth Generation first partnered with No to the Quo in late 2019, they had experienced subpar results in paid ads and needed to change that. They also had minimal SEO foundation, lacked verification on social media, and had an inactive email audience with low engagement.


The Solution

What would eventually become a comprehensive digital marketing plan started with PPC and social media consulting. For PPC, No to the Quo began by honing and selectively targeting an engaged audience. Eighth Generation was also looking to attract more engagement on social media. To further that end, we conducted an intensive social media audit, made content recommendations and established performance guidelines to ramp up the brand’s efforts.

In 2022, Eighth Generation expanded their digital marketing strategy to include SEO and email marketing. To improve the site’s overall search friendliness, No to the Quo began by conducting an intensive audit and making both off- and on-page content recommendations, as well as technical recommendations. For email marketing, we focused on intentional segmentation and clean up of the brand’s customer lists, as well as created a win-back campaign to re-engage inactive customers.

The Results

In the first year of Eighth Generation’s partnership with No to the Quo, the brand sold out their inventory and had a return on ad spend (ROAS) of more than 22X. The brand has continued to see sustained wins throughout the years, with an average cost per acquisition (CPA) below $20 for the past three years. PPC efforts have also helped Eighth Generation reach their end-of-year sales goals, with PPC generating almost $226,000 in revenue in November and December 2021.

By implementing strategic SEO and content recommendations, No to the Quo was also able to decrease Eighth Generation’s page speed, optimize their overall content and website structure to align with SEO best practices and create enough buzz through thoughtful press releases to finally get the brand verified on social media.

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