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Ananda Soul is a high-end jewelry and lifestyle brand committed to sustainability, responsible consumerism, and giving back to support the women and children in the communities where they create their products. The company sells ethically produced jewelry handmade in Bali.

The Situation

When Ananada Soul started with No to the Quo, not only did the brand lack critical foundational marketing elements, but their efforts lacked focus concerning the consumers they were targeting.

The company website had little SEO foundation. It suffered from slow page speeds and technical issues, as well as content organization issues that made it difficult for users and search engines to separate product pages from lifestyle-focused content.

When it came to their paid search efforts, Ananda Soul was receiving a high return on ad spend (ROAS) – but because they were only running branded campaigns, they were only reaching an audience of people already familiar with the brand.

When it came to setting high-level strategy, Ananda Soul also faced a major challenge in trying to marry a passion for empowering women with the e-commerce and revenue side of their business.

The Solution

No to the Quo began by identifying Ananda Soul’s consumers and building out a buyer persona. This critical step gave focus to the rest of their marketing efforts.

From there, No to the Quo then worked to reposition the brand to resonate more closely with their newly identified consumer. We overhauled their PPC campaigns to target new audiences in line with this new buyer persona and expand their reach to new audiences.

To improve the SEO foundation of Ananda Soul’s website, we began by increasing their site speed and fixing an array of technical errors, as well as implementing UI/UX changes throughout the site. On the content side, we optimized existing content using targeted keywords, reorganized their web content to clearly differentiate lifestyle content from product pages, and implemented a content strategy focused on creating high-quality, intentional content aimed at the needs and interests of their new buyer persona.

The Results

Since overhauling their PPC campaigns, Ananda Soul has seen a consistent 3x ROAS – with numbers continuing to climb. No to the Quo was also able to increase the brand’s users by over 25% in the same time period.

We feel confident with all the work being done, and are seeing results on all fronts related to both ad conversion as well as SEO integrations and other technical support that was much needed in terms of the functionality and customer experience on our website. Simply put, the N2Q team gets it, they get us and our brand and messaging as well as our customers—and with that, we are seeing results.

Christina ZipperlenFounder
Ananda Soul

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