Small Batch Cigar is an industry leader in eCommerce for cigar aficionados. They were in the process of building a complete new website to simplify and enhance the shopping experience for their fan base.

The problem was they hadn’t considered how search engines would handle the launch of their new website when they changed the URL structure for all of their products.

The previous site gave a unique URL to each brand and every product listing within that brand. The new site made it easier for customers to find the products they loved and visually group the products under brand categories. This meant there would be a ton of URLs that would no longer exist, over 20,000 URLs to be specific.

Had nothing been done, Small Batch would have seen their organic traffic plummet as Google does not know how to direct search results for those dead pages and thus penalizes Small Batch for all the 404 errors.

No to the Quo was hired to build a robust URL redirect plan for the 20,000 URLs and ensure the SEO authority Small Batch had established over the years with their current site was carried over to the new site.

Once this was accomplished, No to the Quo developed a content marketing plan for Small Batch to rank organically for over 500 keywords related to cigar inquiries and the top-performing brands Small Batch wanted to be known for.

No to the Quo created a blog calendar for Small Batch and helped jump start their content, which is now one of the most read blogs for boutique cigar fans.

No to the Quo also helped establish new partnerships with large Facebook communities and setup a monthly cigar subscription exclusive to one of the Facebook groups. Small Batch was able to sell out of their subscriptions within the first month of accepting new members for the monthly club.


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