Ride the Ducks


Ride the Ducks


Ride the Ducks provides the most fun tours around Seattle you can take. Their WWII amphibious vehicles will take you to all the hot spots throughout downtown Seattle and neighboring cities – both on land and in water.


Situation: Ride the Ducks had an outdated website that had multiple developmental errors and wasn’t optimized for search engines. They also wanted to promote their tours for a couple of months during the slow season. They asked N2Q to come up with a plan on how to fix their website and drive more traffic sales.


Solution: After auditing their site, we discovered a number of issues causing Google to have a hard time crawling and indexing their pages. We devised a plan on how to fix these pages, repair the links, update the content, and created an AdWords campaign. We also put together an AdWords campaign for a six week period that resulted in over 3,300 new web visits, 85 transactions and a 292% return on ad spend.


Growth: 3,600 new visitors, 100 online transactions, 24 phone calls and 318% return on ad spend (ROAS), in two months.

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