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Rightside is a domain registry trying to educate the industry and consumers about creative opportunities for digital identities through new domain extensions. Look beyond .COM.


Situation: Rightside sought to educate the industry on new domain extensions through social media and highlight usage examples of how new domains are being adopted. They were also looking for management of all day-to-day social media posts and overall content creation.


Solution: Through consistent and strategic social media content, small advertising campaigns, and targeted usage examples, we grew their Facebook page from 60 fans to 3.8k and from 100 Twitter followers to 7.4k


Facebook growth: 6,300%


Twitter growth: 7,400%

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Kyle is the Founder of N2Q and makes a personal investment in the management of each project. Kyle is an SEM/social strategist with over 10 years experience in optimizing websites, finding audiences, building websites and using organic content and digital advertising to create engaging social communities. He will be your expert on social media platforms, display advertising, and marketing collateral. He has worked for large companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, John L. Scott Realty, and Farmers Insurance as well as small businesses locally and as far as Africa and Switzerland.


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