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Member Access Pacific provides industry-leading products and services to credit unions.


Situation: MAP came to N2Q Consulting looking for help with Hubspot integration (for their email marketing and content), and they were looking for specific landing pages for advertising campaigns.


Solution: We built custom landing pages for their advertising campaigns and provided Hubspot integration. We continue to manage their blog and SEO efforts.


The Results: Ease of management and user-friendly new design.

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Barbara is a well experienced graphic designer from Los Angeles, CA. Ambitious and driven, her passions dwell deep in design and technology. She possess the unique combination of incredible skill and passion for great design and the inner ninja to code in HTML/CSS or most any other language. When she’s not obsessively working on a project, she enjoys brewery hopping, and camping.

As N2Q’s lead designer, she will set high standards in making your vision a reality. The end goal is to not only take your napkin drawings and bring it to life, but to create new innovative ways for your business to succeed.


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