Bartell Drugs


Bartell Drugs


Bartell Drugs is one of Seattles oldest and most trusted pharmacies. In 2014, Bartell partnered with Group Health to offer a convenient, walk-in option for customers to meet with a licensed clinician about minor illnesses and injuries, or routine preventive care such as vaccinations.


Situation: Bartell had been running AdWords campaigns for a couple of months, trying to drive more people to their website to learn about their CareClinics, but the results were sub-standard and the conversion cost astronomical. Before giving up on PPC, they wanted to know if their clinics were just not a good fit, or if the fault lied with the way their account was being run.


Solution: N2Q began by conducting a full audit of how their AdWords campaign was set up, and pinpointed the issues. We removed low performing ads, optimized keywords that would drive the ideal audience, and wrote new ads that would lower the cost per click and improve what Google refers to as their “quality score.”


Growth: 991% increase in conversions, 317% more phone calls, and saved them 78% per conversion.

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Kyle is the Founder of N2Q and makes a personal investment in the management of each project. Kyle is an SEM/social strategist with over 10 years experience in optimizing websites, finding audiences, building websites and using organic content and digital advertising to create engaging social communities. He will be your expert on social media platforms, display advertising, and marketing collateral. He has worked for large companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, John L. Scott Realty, and Farmers Insurance as well as small businesses locally and as far as Africa and Switzerland.


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