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eHealth Africa uses data-driven technology to help provide relief for major health outbreaks across West Africa, develop disease surveillance systems and much, much more. They partner with local governments, stateside agencies like the CDC, and international organizations like UNICEF and WHO.

Situation: eHealth wanted someone who could share the groundbreaking work they were doing throughout Africa and tell the story of how technology is shaping the country and eradicating polio. N2Q was brought on board to develop a content strategy for their website and social media.

Solution: When N2Q first began, eHealth did not have any social presence nor anyone posting regularly to their website. We’ve since implemented monthly newsletters, regular blog posts, and continue to grow a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn audience with high engagement and publicity.

Facebook Growth: 5,200 likes

Twitter Growth: 700 followers

LinkedIn Growth: 5,000 followers

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