Best Cigar Values

Best Cigar Values


Best Cigar Values is an online cigar retailer that sells cigars on their ecommerce website exclusively.


Situation: Best Cigar Values needed more personality behind their brand and wanted N2Q to help identify a good solution.


Solution: After learning that the new owner wanted to honor the previous owner through the new brand, N2Q had just the solution. They described the previous owner as having a “honey badger” personality so our design team got to work by illustrating a custom, hand drawn honey badger for the logo. N2Q also wrote the blogs with a voice that mimicked the previous owner, Steve. Other tangible assets included newly designed business cards and in-store promotional cards. We are now working on a new website for their brand new store, Tinder Box in Buffalo, New York.

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Barbara is a well experienced graphic designer from Los Angeles, CA. Ambitious and driven, her passions dwell deep in design and technology. She possess the unique combination of incredible skill and passion for great design and the inner ninja to code in HTML/CSS or most any other language. When she’s not obsessively working on a project, she enjoys brewery hopping, and camping.

As N2Q’s lead designer, she will set high standards in making your vision a reality. The end goal is to not only take your napkin drawings and bring it to life, but to create new innovative ways for your business to succeed.


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