Elsner Law Firm practices personal injury law in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, and serve clients all over Western Washington.


Elsner Law Firm came to N2Q after getting mediocre results from a different SEO agency. They were skeptical about the benefits of SEO since their rankings had not improved and they hadn’t obtained any new clients from their website. Thankfully N2Q doesn’t require our clients to sign a long contract because we only want our clients to continue if they get results. So, they decided to hire us to see if we could do any better than their last consultant.


Our team positioned him as the top personal injury attorney in Snohomish County, implementing a content campaign and link building strategy.

Traffic Growth

Elsner received a 950% increase in website traffic with average monthly visits going from 22 to 230 per month. He now not only ranks number one in Mountlake Terrace, where his office is located, but also in several other surrounding cities. Elsner now also ranks in the top 30 for 350 keywords.

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