Search Engine Optimization

So you want to know how you show up on the first page of Google huh? Ready for us to pull back the curtain and reveal the Wizard of Oz?


While it’s not as simple as Mel Brooks pulling cables and giving the appearance of some god in the sky, search engines aren’t as complex as some make them out to be.


Sure. Google changes their algorithms faster than we might change our underwear, but understanding the fundamental elements of what Google looks for doesn’t require a degree in rocket science. The key is knowing  what levers to pull at what time, what your competitors are doing well, and understanding buyer intent for the keywords and phrases you want to rank for.


Our approach to SEO begins with a comprehensive, manual audit of both your website and competitive landscape. From that, we’ll know what your top priority tasks are and what can come down the road.


Optimizing your website, both the technical side and the content on it, then developing a custom strategy, tailor suited to your industry and position, will enable you to not only increase in page rank, but truly see a return on your investment and increase site traffic for the keywords and phrases that matter most.

Check out some of our SEO client results:

SEO requires more than blog articles, backlinks, and keywords though.

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