10 Ways to Master Your Digital Marketing in 2016

10 Ways to Master Your Digital Marketing in 2016

10 Ways to Master Your Digital Marketing in 2016


In today’s market, a solid digital marketing strategy is often the difference between success and failure. It’s what will keep you from falling behind your competition.

Luckily, creating a killer digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to mean breaking your back or the bank.

Check out these 10 digital marketing tips that are guaranteed to put you on the fast track to success in the coming year.


1) Google AdWords

 Are you making good use of your keywords? With more than 3.5 billion searches every single day, people are most definitely making use of Google when choosing which products to buy or service providers to choose.

If you aren’t using Google AdWords to place keyword bids for your demographic and region, then you’re missing out on leads, plain and simple.


2) Landing Page Design

 In a recent article, Search Engine Land reported that only 25% of marketers average above a 5% conversion rate. So, how do you break that barrier? With custom landing pages.

The key here is to design multiple landing pages for each product or service, in order to see which one performs the best. SEL recommends that you test out at least 10 different page designs to get the most accurate results.


3) Help a Reporter Out

 What better way to not only spread the word about your business but also establish yourself as an expert in your field than some free publicity? With Help a Reporter, you will receive inquiries from reporters all over the country, looking for reliable sources for their articles.

If you invest at least 20 minutes a day to responding to those inquiries and offering expertise, you will get back a huge return in the form of multiple mentions in online content and a nice bump in your SEO performance.


4) Online Outreach

 You can also contribute your own content to some well-known websites and get some great referral traffic back to your site.

Make a “dream list” of the top 10 websites that you want to contribute to, and send them a compelling pitch that lets them know about the intriguing insight that you can bring to the table.

5) Display Remarketing

Ever wondered how the product that you were searching for showed up in an advertisement on the next site that you visited? That’s known as “display remarketing” and it’s a great way to follow-up with visitors to your site that didn’t pull the trigger on their first visit.

Display remarketing can help you convert site traffic to sales, and at roughly $.30 per click, it’s effective and budget friendly.

6) Video Content

 With Facebook revealing that the number of videos posted to their platform has increased by 94% over the past year, it seems only likely that online video advertising is going to be the next big thing in 2016.

Making use of this knowledge can mean a big boost in your digital marketing results. Add a video to your homepage and share some more with your social media audience. Don’t let this new marketing trend pass you by!

7) $5 Boosted Facebook Posts

 You can have the most amazing product in the world, but if no one knows it exists, what do you think your sales will look like?

Periodically and strategically promoting your posts on Facebook has been shown to increase shares, comments, and post reach. At just $5 a post, this marketing tip might be well worth giving up the cost of your morning cup of joe.


8) Email Marketing

 Are you making good use of your contact list? According to Marketing Sherpa, there has been a 60% ROI for marketers that take part in email marketing efforts.

Sending out a newsletter or notice of special offers at least twice a month to those on your contact list helps you to remind them of who you are, what you do, and how you can help them, which equals more sales.


9) Mobile Capability

 According to Google, it’s now official that more people are choosing to use their mobile devices to search the web. Is your business prepared for the mobile revolution?

Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly, and that there is an easy way for prospects to get ahold of you when your site is found via mobile search. Consider placing your phone number at the very top of your mobile site to encourage communication and conversion.


10) Online Reviews

It’s just done in a different way. Marketing Land shared a survey that shows 90% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on online reviews.

Make sure that your Google+ and Yelp pages are showing your company’s good side, and be sure to reach out to any reviewers that seem to have had an issue you with your business in the past. Many times, all it takes to turn a negative review around is listening to the customer and making things right with an apology or a refund.

If you take the time to implement these 10 tips, you’ll be sure to master your digital marketing strategy in 2016 and beyond. Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter & Instagram for tons of daily tips and tricks to help boost your business.

Have any of your own tips? Please share them in the comments section below!

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