4 Ways to Take Charge of Your SEO Right Now

4 Ways to Take Charge of Your SEO Right Now

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your website’s search engine results but don’t have a clue where to start, fear not. Let’s take things back to basics.

These simple steps will help you to get a foot in the SEO door without having to jump through hoops, wrestle bears, or even break a sweat. Not only are they ridiculously effective, you can do them right now. Yes- right now.


Get Creative With Anchor Text

When you have content that is continued on another page, are you just throwing up the same old tired bits of anchor text like, “Read More” or “Click Here” to encourage visitors to click through to the meat of your content?

If you really want to get Google’s attention, trying jazzing things up with some keywords in your anchor text. Replacing “Read More” with “More About Digital Marketing” will add more info for search engines to pick up and will also draw more attention from readers. Talk about a win-win!


Make Permalinks Appealing

We know that search engines love keywords, so why not give them more? Don’t just accept the strings and variables that are being created automatically with new URLs. Change them manually or with one of the many plugins or tools that are available for just that purpose.


Add Category Titles

Up the permalink ante even further by adding a category title. Instead of leaving your content URLS as sitename.com/title, change your permalink to sitename.com/category/title and encourage search engines to find your content on an even broader spectrum.


Ditch Sub-Domains

Why would you want to lead search engines to believe that parts of your site are separate from one another? That is what using sub-domains (shop.sitename.com) is doing. Instead, use sub-directories (sitename.com/shop) to show search engine crawlers that all of the different aspects of your site are part and parcel of one online powerhouse of content.


Have any SEO tips that can be done right now? Do your good deed for the day and share them in the comment section below.

And if any of this made your head spin, drop us a line to see how we can help you win at SEO in no time.


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