5 Reasons Your Website is Losing Customers

5 Reasons Your Website is Losing Customers

Everyone knows that business has its ups and downs. You might be doing better on some days and worse on others; sometimes, the downs may last longer than the ups. And although it may seem difficult, it’s important to continue to press on and stick with it, because good times are inevitably going to follow the bad.

That being said, it’s important to recognize when a few bad days turn into a constant stream of customers that leave and don’t come back – especially when it comes to websites, which are crucial in determining what consumers think of a business. If you’ve noticed that you’ve been losing your customers to the competition, or that you simply haven’t been growing as quickly as you expected to, the issue may be your website. How can you tell if this is what’s happening to you? Here are five reasons your website is losing customers:


  1. Confusion

The number one reason that someone will visit a website and leave, never to return, is confusion – or, in other words, when it’s difficult or impossible to understand what the business offers and how to get that product or service. Websites that are confusing are often crowded with too much information, too many graphics, or a poor layout, or they simply don’t place a description of the business in clear view.

Have a friend, family member or colleague take your site for a test run and give you their honest feedback to find out where they felt lost or overwhelmed, and start to simplify and streamline your site from there.


  1. Color

Color might not seem important, but it’s vital. When done well, not only does it help make the entire site experience smooth and attractive, but it can exude professionalism when it’s strong and cohesive throughout your brand- inclining your site. Clashing colors or highly contrasting colors like small white text on a black background can be too difficult for the eye to read easily, and will irritate your customers. And random colors with no theme or pattern just look sloppy.

Find a color story and stick to it. It should be simple but also reflect your brand. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with color, but use it wisely.


  1. Graphics

Graphics are important on a website, and if your site is losing customers, it may be because you either don’t have good graphics or the site is crowded with too many of them. Moving graphics (gifs, videos, slideshows, etc) embedded incorrectly can cause for a huge delay in loading time which will also send customers looking elsewhere as no one wants to wait for a slow site to load.

Make sure that your graphics are relevant and high-quality, and not too excessive, and be sure they load immediately, even (and especially) on mobile.


  1. Information

Your customers came to your site to get information, whether it’s about the services you offer or simply what your business is about. If they can’t find this because it’s buried somewhere deep in the site or not present at all, they will leave.

Your homepage should make it evident within a matter of seconds who you are, where you are, what you do and why you’re special. Nail down your elevator pitch, make sure your images are on point, and find a way to deliver that message swiftly and attractively to keep your customers on your site.


  1. Access

The problem with your website may be that you simply don’t give enough people access to it – for example, if you’re missing SEO (search engine optimization) keywords. Peppering these words in throughout the writing on your website helps you show up higher on search results when people search for those terms. Also, if your site is not optimized for mobile, you are potentially losing out on an enormous audience.

Make sure your mobile site is as crisp and strong as your desktop site, and step up your SEO game!


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