Tips for Improving Your Brand’s Visual Content

Tips for Improving Your Brand’s Visual Content

So you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your site or business with visual content? That’s great. People today are drawn to attractive and compelling visuals, and since there’s stuff coming at them everywhere they look, it’s got to be done right in order to get their attention. Here are six tips to improve your website, brand or marketing with visual content.


Make It Pop

If you know anything about visual content, then you have probably heard this phrase. It’s an important one though. If your visuals are not going to pop, be exciting, or contribute in some way to the rest of the visual content and information, then why are you bothering to include it at all?


Keep It Moving

This point is especially important on the web. The internet is not a static medium. Things move, videos play, transitions push away old content for new content. Make sure you are keeping up! Make sure some of your visual content is moving so that viewers are engaged and drawn in.


Draw Eyes To What You Want Seen

So you have the most visually compelling content ever created, and where are you going to put it? Next to the exit? I don’t think so. Put your visual content in spots so that it draws viewers eyes to the places you want them looking.



This is just common sense for visual content. If you are inconsistent in style or form across multiple locations, sites, or media, then no one will be able to connect that all of the information they are ingesting is from you! Give viewers consistency; they should be able to instantly recognize it’s you without even seeing a logo (though, you should include your logo too). That way they have a sense of who you are, what your brand looks like and you appear professional and cohesive.


Don’t Lose Your Information

The visual content is what draws their eyes and keeps them looking, but the information is what you really want them to receive. Your visual content should not upstage what you need to get across more than anything else. This leads into the next point:


Not Everything Needs To Be Artwork

Sometimes there can just be too much going on. If you have too much visual content, then audiences are going to feel overwhelmed and miss out on what you want them to hear. Not everything needs to be the most eye-catching visual content ever. Be economical about your visual content, and use it when you need it.


We hope these tips help you use visual content wisely! As usual, if you need a hand with any of it or have any questions about what do to, drop us a line!

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