7 Signs Your Search Engine Marketing is Successful

7 Signs Your Search Engine Marketing is Successful

Now that you’ve put all of that work into your search engine marketing campaign, how do you tell that it was truly successful? This information is invaluable so you can make sure you’re going in the right direction in subsequent campaigns. You want to be able to build on this information for the future. These measurements will help you determine if the campaign was successful

  1. Rankings

Tracking keyword rankings helps you to craft your SEO strategy around those that get the most attention and provide the most benefit. This data will help you make informed strategic decisions.

2. Traffic

By measuring the volume and quality of traffic that the first page rankings deliver, it will help you to evaluate your campaign’s success.

3. Traffic Volume

Make sure to measure traffic volume based on the number of visits from organic search. If your campaign is successful, there will be a significant increase in organic search traffic over time. The volume of traffic depends on your target audience. If your campaign has a wider demographic, you’ll expect more traffic volume. If it’s location specific, it won’t be as high, but could still be as successful.

4. Pages Per Visit and Visit Duration

It is harder to measure the quality of the traffic you’re receiving. To do this, you want to look at a few factors. If someone looks at multiple pages of your website, that’s a good sign that there is more interest there than simply clicking on a link. How much time is spent there also tells you not just whether or not your campaign is successful, but you can further evaluate your website itself.

5. Bounce Rate

If the bounce rate is high, the less successful your campaign is because this person is navigating away from the site after viewing only one page. You want them to spend as much time on your site as possible to increase the likelihood that they will buy a product or request a service.

6. Conversions

Conversions are the greatest way to measure how successful a campaign is. Conversions are based on your specific goals. They might include contact/quote requests, phone calls, social shares or newsletter subscriptions. When you track conversions, you’ll be able to see what keywords are generating these and why.

7. ROI

If you have a system to track the monetary value of conversions, you’ll be able to determine the ROI of your campaign. This will show you the return you’re receiving on your investment.

By making sure to have the right tracking tools in place, you’ll be able to gauge that success of your SEO campaign and be able to improve it going forward.

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