A Brief Guide to Digital Advertising

A Brief Guide to Digital Advertising

Online advertising or digital advertising refers to marketing your product/service or business on the internet for global exposure and recognition – not to mention, even increased sales and revenue. Because of the massive domination of the internet on people’s lives, it is imperative now for businesses old and new, small and large to have a strong online presence. Even the average non-tech savvy customer would want to see their favorite brands on social channels with latest updates and discounts! So if your business is not yet considering digital advertising, you’re probably losing out on a large chunk of your customers. Interested? Read this brief guide to know more about the world of digital advertising.

What is Digital Advertising?

Advertising your product on the World Wide Web through the use of graphic and textual content is digital marketing. It’s pretty much similar to print media, although very reasonable in cost, and gives your business a global outreach. You get a chance to build a strong brand followership and increase your revenues and profits as well! (Provided you have a good advertising campaign running.)

How Does Digital Advertising Work?

The core objective of digital advertising is to get people to know your business and become your potential customer. As easy as this sound, it is actually a herculean task that requires professional help. Amidst fierce competition and excessive influx of businesses, it is difficult to make yourself known if you don’t have a strong strategy. Divided into several aspects, digital advertising consists of appearing on search engines, being visible to the target audience and creating a sales pitch that would attract their attention. There are three essential strategies used for this purpose: PPC Advertising, Display Advertising and Search Engine Marketing. Let’s take a look at all three.

PPC Advertising

Known as PPC, the term refers to Pay Per Click. It’s a pretty simple concept, but requires a bit of a scientific approach towards the cost and benefit ratio. Major search engines such as Google and Bing allow businesses to highlight their listings in search results. On a search of a particular keyword, the list appears on the side or the top of the search engine page. Note though that you cannot get on top results if you don’t have a good quality score. Now the reason PPC is conducted with such tactic is because, when someone clicks on your ads, you are charged a certain amount – which is usually the amount you bid on. So, if you bid $.10 on a certain keyword, which is also the highest bid, you’ll show up first. Now, if a 100 people click on the PPC listing, you’re charged $10! If not done with care, PPC advertising costs you a fortune. The benefit of intelligent PPC is seen in the face of increased sales, revenue and traffic!

Display Advertising

The best sales pitch can be made via an attractive graphic banner. People are actually more attracted to visual presentation than textual; therefore, display advertising serves this need well.

Display advertising is an online advertising medium that uses rich media such as images, audio, videos, web banners etc to communicate a marketing message. Similar to newspaper ads or TV ads, display advertising is a much more cost-effective option and plays a vital role in bringing in increased sales and traffic. Google also help businesses display ads on different web and blog mediums and provides them with options for measuring metrics, impressions, clicks and conversions. You can easily track your ROI with this platform.

SEM Marketing

Search Engine Marketing in a combination with Search Engine Optimization helps websites gain traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid activities. Using various tactics such as keyword research, website optimization, content marketing and much more, your website is made optimal for search engines and easily visible for the target audience. Again, you require professional help here because all these activities are an amalgamation of internet marketing skills, knowledge of how search engines work and the ability to get maximum work done in minimum costs.

Using these three tactics, your digital advertising campaign can help you derive maximum revenue and bring your business a new dimension of success and progress!

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