Face in the Crowd: Building a Website That’s as Unique as Your Business

Face in the Crowd: Building a Website That’s as Unique as Your Business

When we talk about marketing, we often talk about “getting noticed”. It’s all about having all eyes on you and your business, wooing your prospects so they’ll use your products and services over someone else’s. It’s an easy idea to buy into, but one that’s harder to define in execution. But let’s unpack the idea of “getting noticed” or “standing out”. Think about these ideas not for what they represent, but what they don’t. They mean not following the patterns as everyone else and not fading into the background.

When you’re working on your website, this means you have to embrace your uniqueness. You may offer similar services to your competitors, but it’s your differences that will prove most valuable. So, how do you accentuate them? Here are a few key concepts to get you started.

Start with Your Brand

As with all your marketing materials, you need to start by looking at how everything fits with your brand and voice. Your website is integral to your brand – it’s often the first thing people will see when they Google your company. Think about what the core ideas of your brand are and how you want them to be reflected on your website. Is your company bright and snarky? Sleek and serious? These are qualities you’ll need to know upfront.

Observe the Competition

No, we’re not contradicting ourselves here. We really do mean that you should differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. However, to do that you’ll need to understand exactly what the competition is doing. Observe both what you think they’re doing well and what you think they’re lacking. This will help give you a road map into what you want to do with your own website and where you can deviate.

Focus on your Strengths

After looking at your competitors, you’ll likely have an even more firm understanding of what your company excels best at. You’ll want to emphasize these on your own website. If you’re the only real estate agent offering free consultation visits, use that on your site. Or maybe you’re a brewery with a unique that your local competitors aren’t up on yet. Make these prominent on your site and you’ll set yourself apart easily.

Push Your Aesthetic

As you start to recognize what makes your company so you need, embrace it in your design. Find a way to make it pop – even if your brand is “sleek and serious”, there are plenty of ways to make your site stand out with widgets and cleverly placed design elements. Finding a way to blend this with modern design trends will make you look relevant, knowledgeable, and ready to try something new that your prospects are likely hungry for.

Don’t wait to stand out. Your website should be as unique as your website. You don’t have to do it alone, either. N2Q has helped business in the Pacific Northwest and beyond rebuild their websites so they’re customizable, flexible, and easy on the eyes. Let us work with you in bringing out your business’ personality on your website. Drop us a line today.

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