Contentedness with Content: Writing Blog Posts You’re Proud Of

Contentedness with Content: Writing Blog Posts You’re Proud Of

For decades in fashion, the phrase “it girl” has been thrown around. It’s a phrase thrown around for models who possess that certain allure that represents the times. You can’t always describe what “it” is, but the model has that allusive “it” factor that inspires the industry and provides a music for artists and the public. The idea of one person or concept shaping the industry goes far beyond fashion and even comes into marketing as well. Over time it’s ranged from billboards to magazine pullouts to mailers. These days, it’s all about content. Strike a pose.

Content marketing has that certain je ne sais quoi to say au revoir to the quo (sorry, had to). It allows you to establish yourself as an expert, lets you establish a voice, and – thanks to SEO – can help push your website hire in Google search rankings. But just as there will always be retailers in fashion who try to replicate runways look for lower quality but cheaper prices, content requires the right finesse and tact to be really impactful. It’s more than just churning out keywords into a post. Your blog is an extension of your company and it should exemplify the same level of excellence. So, how do you do it? It’s actually easier than you might think.

Write Content You Care About

If you care about something, you’re going to do a better job at it. If you’re not excited about what the topics you have queued up in your editorial calendar, it might make more sense to reevaluate them or even start over from scratch. The purpose of content isn’t just to fill up space on your blog or pages on your website. It’s to help you tell your story and share your expertise. If you’re just churning out mindless copy, your readers will notice (if you’ll even get readers at all).

Writing is a soulful act. It’s another part of the human voice that helps us feel connected. The second it starts sounding like computer generated keyword mush, you’ve missed the real value. By writing about something you’re passionate about, that excitement will jump from the screen at the reader. Great content makes a reputation for itself. Keep that spark alive and your business will benefit from it.

Differentiate Your Content From the Rest

See what other people in your industry are saying on their blogs and find another way of approaching the topics. The internet gets bogged down with articles that more-or-less say the same thing. Run a Google search for something like “What is the cloud?” and you’ll get pages of blogs that more or less rehash the same information. What sense does it make to throw your own version of that seam article into the heap?

That’s why you need to spend the time to think of a different approach. Instead of “what is the cloud?”, maybe it becomes “why should I care about the cloud?” or “what happens to my business if I don’t embrace the cloud?” Not only will you fare better in Google by broadening the keywords you can emphasize, but you also establish yourself as a thought leader who can speak better to their audiences’ needs. Be bold, be different, and be creative with your approach.

Peer Reviewing

This is the part that’s easiest to skip, but also the part that takes your blog from being good to great. Quality doesn’t just come from the approach, but how you follow through. You can have a great idea that no one else in your industry is writing about, but if it’s riddled with grammatical and formatting errors you’re going to have a tougher time convincing your audience. Having someone else on your team review your blogs before publishing is necessary quality control. The better it reads, to more convincing your argument is.

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