Does Your Digital Marketing Strategy Include a Blog?

Does Your Digital Marketing Strategy Include a Blog?

In the last decade, blogs have blossomed into precision tools to target clients. Moreover used to drive users to websites, and generate millions of dollars in revenue. Blogging used to be a niche hobby for people to share their cooking experiences and thoughts on specific subjects. Now, knowing how to properly utilize search engine optimization is as important. It is essential as having a master strategist on your marketing team. 

It may surprise you to know that blogging relative content has grown into a massive, highly-impact industry. There are at least 500 million active bloggers globally for content marketing. Digital marketing content writers have learned to hone their skills to create a lucrative strategy to drive clients to their websites, rewarding them with booming revenues. 

Are Blogs Important to Have?

As a business looking for growth, you will want to know the facts when considering blogging for SEO. According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 70% of consumers prefer content marketing through articles rather than ads, and we estimate that number to be even higher now. 

Something else to consider, many internet browsers utilize ad blockers. If you are only utilizing advertising instead of SEO strategies in your digital marketing campaign, your company isn’t reaching the majority of users on the web. By utilizing an experienced digital agency that has a comprehensive and authoritative grasp on blogging effectively, you can broaden your sales and capture more customers. 

Should my Website Have a Blog?

Many businesses often ask us: should my website have a blog? We believe all companies should have blogs to increase their visibility and drive clients to their websites. Blogs also create awareness of your brand and keep your company fresh in a client’s mind. If you aren’t already utilizing a blog, you aren’t tapping into one of the most strategic digital marketing tools available. 

There are over 97,000 searches on Google every second on average in the middle of a workday. Of those, 60 percent of adults, ages 18 to 34 years old, are using their cell phones to browse. Blogs that are quick to load on a mobile browser and easy to comprehend on a small screen are the highest ranking on search engines. Knowing how to make your blog mobile-user friendly is half the strategy to boost your company’s exposure and revenue.

Guidelines For Blogging

It is important to understand blogging tips and tricks when creating a digital successful marketing strategy blog. Web browsers like Google have one job: to direct searchers to targeted information. Growing businesses want that browser to send clients to their website. 

  • Statistics show most users will not click beyond Google’s first page of returned results. 
  • The average article is approximately 1,400 words.
  • Blogs that use related links for content marketing have higher rankings.
  • Utilizing relevant keywords in the blog returns a higher rank on Google. 

Your user’s frequent blogs that contain informative content with keywords relevant to their search. For example, if you are a plumber, a blog post could cover a targeted topic on replacing a bathroom sink, the average cost of doing so, and the benefit of raising the value of their home with this type of renovation. That is all relevant information on one specific topic that will inform customers when searching for bathroom sink replacement.

Blogs Create More Product Visibility and Higher Rankings

Powerful blog content should drive clients to their products, where they can make purchases or hire services. A digital marketing strategy should include tools that cater to existing customers as well as new visitors to your online store. 

When a customer requests information on a search engine, Google et al lists websites with those frequently and consistently utilize those words on their webpages. It is important to know these strategies so your products are seen by more customers, new and regular, which increases your ranking. When your business climbs the algorithm ladder, you will see more success and the benefits of a strong digital marketing campaign. 

Additional Social Media Strategies When Blogging for SEO Traffic

There’s a trick to blogging for SEO – link social media content to your blog!  Anytime you post blog content, also make a post to Instagram, Facebook, or other social media sites with a related caption and an embedded link to the original blog post. This is basically free marketing. 

We utilize these types of tips to drive more traffic to your webpage. Having multiple sources of engagement, it will allow you to connect to your audience in multiple ways.

Frequency and Consistency of Blogging for SEO

When blogging for SEO, it is important to understand your audience, your company’s goals, and what your potential customers are searching for online. However, what statistics do show is that frequency and consistency contribute to more blog traffic. 

According to a HubSpot study:

  • Businesses with 16 or more monthly blog posts receive more traffic than companies with fewer blog posts. 
  • For small companies with less than 10 employees, making 11 or more blog posts netted twice as many website visitors as other companies who made fewer blog posts.
  • The quality of your content and how consistent it is with keywords is just as important as how frequently you post. Keep to your blogging schedule and use your unique keywords to your advantage to market your product and services for you.

Many companies don’t know where to start when they think of creating blog content each month. N2Q utilizes proven content blogging techniques as part of our holistic digital marketing strategy to promote your products and services to drive internet traffic to your website.

N2Q is Your Blogging Mastermind

When blogging for SEO, every company needs a strategist who understands the rules of blogging and is a master at their craft. N2Q employs SEO blog experts who enjoy creating successful marketing tools that drive customers to your webpage. Allow us to create a targeted digital marketing strategy blog for your company and its products to turn it into a thriving business. Reach out to us today with any questions you have about digital marketing strategy blog or to book a consultation.

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