Empire Avenue Strategy: Tips and Tricks

Empire Avenue Strategy: Tips and Tricks

For the last week, I’ve been addicted to a new online “game” called Empire Avenue. Before you ignore this blog post, know that this game has NOTHING to do with Farmville, Mobsters, or those other annoying games you play on Facebook. I’ve blocked all of those too and think they are a waste of time. Empire Avenue however is different: it rewards you for your activity on social media.

The game is played like your trading stocks. Each user becomes their own stock and their value goes up or down based on their social media activity. You link your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube, and then the more you use them, the higher your stock price goes up. People can buy shares in your stock which gives you a tradeable currency called “eaves” that you can use to invest in other players.

Here is the site’s description of the game:

Empire Avenue is the Social Stock Market, where you can Grow your Social Capital online. Here’s how it works, you get to discover valuable, interesting, cool, fun people online and then based scores or share price, invest virtual currency in their profiles by buying shares in our Social Stock Market.

Now to some Tips and Tricks:

Invest in Newcomers

Everyone who first joins EA starts off with a stock price of 10.00. Your stock price rises daily as you link your social media accounts and people start investing in you. Find newcomers who have recently linked their social media accounts and have few investors. Fewer investors means higher dividends (which we will get to later). As more investors come, your stock price goes up. And it takes about four or five days for all of your social media accounts to be fully linked so when you see a newcomer with a 1? under the social media icon, it’s a good bet to invest in them.

Look at the Dividends

There is more to consider than just the stock price. If you are wanting to invest for the long haul on a stock you think will continue to rise (not just a flash in the pan newcomer) then look to the dividends. Dividends are the return on your investment each share pays on a daily basis. Your goal is to find stock that has a higher dividend per share than stock price. For example, if my stock is a 45.00e per share, then I want to make sure my dividends are at least 0.45e per share. When you can find a stock that has higher dividends than share price, buy it!

If you have A LOT of investors, the dividends will be low. To increase your dividends, either put a cap on the amount of shares you are willing to sell, or increase your social media activity. Low dividends will result in people selling your share quickly because you have a low return on investment (ROI).

Know when to sell

Just because a stock dropped in price a little bit does not mean you should sell it right away. In the same case, just because a stock hasn’t dropped, doesn’t mean you should still be holding onto it. If a stock has began to level out (no increase or decrease in share price) then it is time to consider selling it because you are getting a low ROI. There are better places to be putting your money!

My personal strategy is to hold onto a stock for the first twenty days of it joining EA. If it is still a “fast mover” (quickly growing), then I will hold onto it. If all social media accounts have been linked, but the user is not very active on social media, then I sell it quickly. It’s just like the real stock market philosophy “buy low, sell high.” Cash that stock in and reinvest it into other newcomers. Holding onto stock too long and thinking it will turn around is a slow way to go nowhere. Quick cash and increasing profits come from being willing to cash in and reinvest it. I am a high risk player so I am not afraid to go “all in” on a newcomer if I believe they have the potential to bring in great profits.

Chris Pirillo is a genius on this game and he has one of the highest stock prices out there. He created a great tips and tricks video I suggest you watch:

Final Thoughts

  • Buy low priced shares that have a high dividend to share price ratio
  • Check out Leaders in the Recent Arrivals section for quick cash
  • Interact with users beyond buying their share and become mutually beneficial by participating in communities
  • Use other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) daily to increase stock price
  • Post your account in the “Buy Me” section and give people a reason to invest in you (low stock price, high dividends, social media maven, etc)

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?
Join now by signing up here (it’s FREE)!

If you are wanting to invest in me, then my profile can be found here.

Here are some of the users who’ve made me the most money in the last week:

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