Encouraging Employees to be Brand Advocates

Encouraging Employees to be Brand Advocates

Employees are, and always will be, vital to a business’s growth and development throughout time. In order for your business to grow in the direction you want it to, it starts with your employees. As a business owner, it’s up to you to empower your employees and get them excited about coming into work, and getting their job done.

Today, the average job lasts three years. People are constantly looking for the next best thing, and unless you can snag their interest quickly, you’ll lose even the good employees quickly. The key to keeping these good workers lies in the employee-employer relationship. One of the major concerns in this area is that of respect. Employees are looking for employers who will respect who they are, and what they care about – given that respect, they’ll return it back into the company.

Employees need and desire authentic interaction with their coworkers, and the people they’re selling your products to. Rather than implementing strict rules that your employees are bound to break, allowing them to use their phones during work, and follow up on social trends can boost your company tremendously. Not only will your company be active in different media trends, but it will also create a sharing platform – your employees can share specific pictures on to their social medias, use specific hashtags, and much more. The goal in this is to teach employees to share what their goal is with the company and care enough to reach those goals.

A happy workspace makes for happy employees – this is why it is vital to create unity within your company. This may mean having weekly social routines in the office, throwing social events for the company, or joining in a fundraiser competition and asking employees to come and support. These social gatherings strengthen employee’s ties to the company, as well as to their coworkers.

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