Comparing Social Medias: What Makes Popular Channels So Strong and Attractive?

Comparing Social Medias: What Makes Popular Channels So Strong and Attractive?

There’s no more denying the importance of social media. Global exposure, instant leads, increased sales, and the opportunity of being able to connect directly? Now with the right target audience,  businesses worldwide jumped the social bandwagon. That’s why comparing social medias has become part of the strategy already for marketers in the early stage.

On the other side, social media networks are constantly coming up with new features and services. This enhances both connectivity and usability. Almost anyone can benefit from social media.

A teen running a high school page on Facebook? An entrepreneur building connections on Twitter? A housewife building followership on Pinterest with interesting DIY features? We see Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as the most magnetic social channels that host millions of profiles. This is from every corner of the globe and the number keeps rising at a rapid pace. Studying the social media sphere closely is effective.

What makes these channels so strong and attractive? Let’s start comparing social medias.


Starting off with a few stats: According to a recent study by GlobalWebIndex, Facebook is the No.1 social network worldwide, with an audience that covers up to 60% internet users! For millions of people worldwide, logging on to Facebook marks the start of their day – every day! There are around 58% of female users on Facebook, and there are businesses that cater to the needs of this audience via Facebook ONLY. They don’t have websites, online stores, or even real-time stores. They just have a company page running and offer e-commerce services right through the platform. For e-commerce businesses, Facebook is heaven.

For consumers and service providers alike, Facebook is a platform that offers viral exposure, connectivity, usability, networking, sharing, and much more on a ONE-to ONE basis. The user can directly connect to the audience and voice their likes, dislikes, or opinions regarding the products and services provided. Businesses can showcase their latest offerings and get first-hand public feedback based on which they can determine the success of their products. An added advantage is the feature of viral exposure via sharing and liking. A great product, subject or service can gain instant global exposure if the audience likes and shares it. This is the main reason for many Facebook services to gain instant leads and massive ROI figures. It’s a lovable platform and the love is rapidly increasing – at least for the next few years.


The micro-blogging site has seen a rise of 42% active users between Q2 2012 and Q3 2013. Giving people the opportunity to speak their minds in only 140 characters, Twitter has made many poets, singers, writers, bloggers, reporters, journalists, consultants out of us normal folks. Not limiting itself to just being an online service, Twitter gained more popularity when it introduced tweeting through text messages. You didn’t even have to stay online to be connected.

All you needed was your mobile and remember minor instructions to follow, unfollow, tweet, and receive notifications. This helped millions of people to share their voices on the platform without having to be online. Being a sort of shot messaging service, the platform offers businesses to promote their products instantly and connect with the audience. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and numerous others have found Twitter to be an ideal platform of connectivity. And because the audience can easily connect to their favorite celebrities, the channel has therefore gained massive attention.

For businesses, Twitter is a great place for staying connected as well as for monitoring competitor updates. With the use of #Hashtags, you could easily be part of an ongoing active conversation and if you speak well, you get followers. The ease of connecting with people across the globe and sharing your views/opinions without having to go through profile hassles or privacy issues has definitely made Twitter a beloved place for wordy people!



An instant hit amongst the ladies, Pinterest is everything a woman could wish for. Imagine being able to not only see but share and save images of the latest hairdos, the sexiest wedding dress, the smartest DIY tips all in one place! You no longer need to save images on your desktop or worry about finding that one link amongst the magnitude of bookmarks. All you have to do is create your favorite board and keep pinning in images you love. Pretty much like the real-time pinboard, Pinterest has become an attractive platform for businesses and audiences alike.

Offering nothing but image sharing, the network helps businesses share their products, service offerings through image uploads. Imagine people being able to view products you offer, comment, and share them! Imagine people following the boards you create and endorsing your brand by sharing your pins. Lastly, imagine the amount of traffic you can get towards your site!

So, are you being part of the action? Jump the bandwagon and you may find your share of the profit!

Comparing social medias is great research to do. Got more questions about social media? Learn more here.

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