Making Social Media Work For You

Making Social Media Work For You

Who wouldn’t want a free employee to help grow their brand’s reach? I’m not talking about other human beings. Humans like to get paid. But there are tools that cost you nothing that can help you promote the content you create. Utilizing these tools takes very little time and can have big payback if you use them consistently. You’re probably aware of many of them, but are you using them consistently to get the most for your buck?

1. Use Trending #Hashtags

Hashtags you create that are original to your brand are great, but they serve more as a cataloguing device for your own posts, unless they become popular. Use trending hashtags to get a lot more eyes on your post that probably wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. You can often find a list of trending hashtags on the social platform your page is hosted on, or just do a Google search and find trending hashtags that are appropriate for your content and platform.

2. Share Viral Content

Common sense says that if you get a picture with a celebrity, more people will probably see your picture. In addition to original content, make sure to keep your social media in the now by sharing viral photos, memes, or videos periodically that tie in the greater online community. Not everyone will immediately start following you, but the potential followers that are actually looking for content like yours may find you quicker through viral content than through randomly finding your page. Don’t overdo it, you don’t want to cheapen the look of your brand. Use viral content as a spice to make your page memorable.

3. Comment On Other Pages

Find other pages that are in a similar industry or part of a similar cause as yours, and comment and engage in dialogue on their page or in reply to their posts. This shows that you are part of a larger conversation, that your brand is not a hermit, and that you are actually social with your social media. This will again get more eyes on your brand, and if users click on your page they will already have a positive feel for your brand based on the positive or informative comment they’ve already seen. It’s like a free billboard for your page.

You have to put a lot of work and time into social media and creating strategies, so you want to give every boost possible to allow each post to market to its greatest capacity.



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