Growing an Audience Through LinkedIn

Growing an Audience Through LinkedIn

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn is a social networking site; however, it has a niche as it is mainly used for business purposes. It has been around for 11 years now since it was founded in December of 2002. That alone gives you an impression of just how effective it is in helping connect companies, by growing an audience of businesses-related contacts. The current portfolio of users ranges from the common worker to Fortune 100 CEO’s and CFO’s.

However, the challenge is how to stand out in this social media networking site. Today, the number of businesses with a LinkedIn profile has already reached more than 2 million users. How in the world can yours be noticed? These are some tricks and tips on how to grow a LinkedIn page that will ultimately help you grow your business. Remember getting known and branded in this social network gets you opportunities to be marketed to the best employers, employee and professionals out there.

#1 Create a Company Profile

What you have to do is to optimize the LinkedIn page for your company. While there is a default setting, it is best for you to personalize it to fit the overall mood and personality of your company. The great thing about this social networking site is that it gives you access to all sorts of resources including images, hyper-linked banners, YouTube videos and the list goes on. The important thing for you to remember is to use less words and more visuals. Wordy paragraphs tend to turn people off while photos tend to draw their attention. Say what you want in the shortest way possible (use the idea of KISS – keep it short and simple) and say it in the most creative manner possible. Think of the allowable space to write an advert for your brand or company or name. This way you can integrate the right keywords and action words that will trigger interest from your first and upcoming visitors and viewers.

#2 Get to the point

While you want to talk about your company, the truth is that people do not care much about your long history. What they want to know is what you can do for them. What do you have to offer? To optimize your LinkedIn page, use keywords that are relevant to your business.

If you are just a starting business or new in the LinkedIn community, chances are you have a very small community. Just like Facebook, the more people you have following you, the better. At the very least, start your marketing within your business. Ask employees to follow your LinkedIn page. That way, when you post something, their other connections will have access to it as well. Also encourage them to invite friends and their family to be part of your LinkedIn community.

#3 Follow to Be Followed

Follow the pages of relevant vendors, prospects, companies and customers. People Networking Concept.If you follow them, chances are they will follow you too. Besides, if you share a common interest or platform with them, you can get their contacts to be part of your community as well. Connect with their staff, comment on their posts and give value to the relationship. You got to give something if you expect to receive something.

#4 Engage, Engage, Engage

Engage in the updates of companies that share common things with your business. Go ahead and post comments. Just make sure that it is relevant and something that will draw the attention of people to your LinkedIn company page. Being an expert in your field will not only make you look credible and worth the time of your readers.

As you build a following, thank them for their interest and be interested in who they are as individuals. Congratulate them on new positions or new jobs. Inquire about new projects. Ask questions of experts in industries you’re not experienced in. As you show genuine consideration for others, you’ll see your following increase and your connections rise.

If you want to connect with me on LinkedIn, you’ll find me here.

You can find No to the Quo’s company page here.

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  1. Charles says:

    Based on its name, it helps you link your profile to other people in the system.Many are now relying to this site.

  2. Joshua says:

    Really made for professional people who wanted to be known in the field of social media networking. But still, many rely on Facebook.

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