A Holistic Approach To Digital Marketing

A Holistic Approach To Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there have always been many different strategy options. Moreover, some have become more successful than others. A holistic approach to digital marketing is a beneficial strategy. It encompasses all aspects of a marketing campaign and employs a cohesive “everything matters” mindset to marketing. 

All holistic marketing approaches include four main components: relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing, and societal marketing. By focusing on all of these subtopics, you are implementing a holistic approach to marketing. 

Do you want to learn more about what exactly a holistic approach to marketing is? Learn how to use these four components together. The top digital marketing trends of 2021 and other examples will help jumpstart your holistic approach. Well, you have come to the right place. Here at N2Q, we have everything you need to know!

What is a Holistic Marketing Strategy?

A holistic marketing strategy is a master plan to include all aspects of marketing under one umbrella strategy. This tactic incorporates each branch of marketing. This includes relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing, and societal marketing into one successful and efficient model. 

Your business is unique. Therefore, your marketing strategy will need to be altered to your specific needs. For now, let’s break down these four different components, why they are important, and how they are essential to a holistic marketing strategy. 

Relationship Marketing

Just as the name implies, relationship marketing is all about your business relationships. This includes, but is not limited to: stakeholders, customers, suppliers, vendors, business partners, competitors, and anyone else connected to your business. 

It’s important to understand that this tactic not only focuses on the current relationship but also plans for the future and the potential growth of these relationships. 

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing creates a coordinated strategy that presents your business with clear branding and a message to your stakeholders and customers. By using the integrated marketing technique, each of your marketing avenues will follow the same guidelines so that your company is easily recognizable and has consistent content.

Internal Marketing

Ensuring that your internal team of employees is content and knowledgeable about what the company offers and wants to present to the public is essential. 

Internal marketing works towards securing employee satisfaction, interdepartmental cohesion, and increasing productivity and efficiency throughout the entire business. 

Societal Marketing

When creating a marketing strategy, it’s important to not only attend to the needs of your customers, employees, and business partners, but also to our society as a whole. 

In today’s climate, socially responsible companies are thriving. If your marketing strategies are ethically responsible, environmentally-friendly, or can create a community outreach that benefits society, your business will flourish. 

Examples of Holistic Marketing Strategy

Even though holistic marketing is an incredibly successful strategy, it is also very time-consuming. 

In order to fully employ this tactic, you need to be aware of the needs of every stakeholder:  consumers, investors, employees, and even the general public. You should figure out what they need and want from your business. 

This kind of approach requires finesse and expertise and it is worth reaching out to us here at N2Q for a consultation before moving forward. 

When creating an all-encompassing holistic approach to digital marketing, each of the above strategies needs to be included. However, it is also important to note that there are specific trends to be aware of. 

Top Digital Marketing Trends 2021

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Each year marketing strategists share their findings for what tactics are working and what needs to be improved in order to keep your business on the right track. 

In 2021, the top digital marketing trends include but are not limited to: 

  • Focusing on the “Snippet.”
  • Clear and specific brand values. 
  • Shoppable social media posts. 

We believe these are the most important trends to include in your holistic approach. Each of them is vital to your success- let’s learn more about how to utilize them. 

Focus on the “Snippet”

SEO is not a new concept; however, the importance of the Google Snippet is becoming more and more apparent. 

This highlighted answer to a consumer’s question popping up on Google is the trophy that every site wants. 

In order to obtain it and use it to your advantage, you need to be able to provide just enough information to hold the user’s interest, while also engaging them enough to actually click on your page. 

Portray Your Brand’s Values 

Gone are the days in which companies could stay silent about their political and societal opinions. Therefore, customers want to know where you stand. 

This tactic goes hand in hand with the societal strategy we have discussed already, and your brand needs to have a clear message for the community. 

Shoppable Social Media Posts

Convenience is key and studies have shown that consumers are purchasing more if they do not have to leave the app or site they are currently using. 

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or any of the other social media apps, you want to have your products available with just one simple click. 

Let’s Recap

Marketing can feel like a beast you will never fully understand. Between SEO, yearly trends, algorithms, customer needs, and strategies, there are many factors to consider. 

A holistic approach to digital marketing considers all of these factors and more! This means it can be your one-stop-shop for a successful marketing campaign if done correctly.

Above all, N2Q is here to help! Most importantly, we have created holistic marketing strategies for all different kinds of businesses. Certainly, we can generate the strategy right for you! 


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