How to Grow Your Instagram Account

How to Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks today. With the rise in popularity for images and the boost users (now over 300 million), Instagram has become a prominent social network for businesses looking to showcase their products visually.

Now over 70% of Instagram users check their feed daily and 35% check it multiple times a day. So, businesses have a greater opportunity to reach fans and potential customers by uploading great content on a regular basis. The challenge though, how do you build an audience? Furthermore, once you do, how can you keep growing and not risk losing your new followers?

The first question businesses need to answer when they get started on Instagram is what are they trying to accomplish. Are you after a plethora of followers or concerned more with engagement and creating conversations with their followers? The contests or campaigns you launch can attract thousands of followers, but if you don’t continue to create great content, they will leave your page as quickly as they came in.

Here are three strategies to grow your Instagram account:

1. Stay Current with Top Trends

As Facebook and Twitter do, Instagram alerts you to trending topics and popular hashtags. When appropriate for your brand, jump onboard the hashtag in a fun, playful way. Make sure to research the hashtag though so you know what trends to avoid.

2. Keep the Social in Social Media

Brands need to remember that they are talking to humans, so they in turn need to make their content conversational and authentic. Skip the sales jargon. Avoid constantly self-promoting your products or services. Build real relationship with your followers and they’ll become brand evangelists for you.

3. Run Contests with Real Prizes

One of the best ways to keep your audience engaged (and simultaneously grow it) is to get your fans to participate in a photo contest. Create a custom hashtag for your fans and encourage them to post a photo with the hashtag to win a prize. When you see fans post, comment on it and like the photo.

Utilizing these three strategies will ensure your continued growth and strong engagement on Instagram. Comment below and tell us know how you’re using Instagram. We love learning from our readers!

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