How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Campaign

How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Campaign

By now we all know that Facebook is one of the most effective ways to showcase your business on a worldwide platform. It’s easy to use and everybody and their mother (and grandmother) is on there. However, the key word for any Facebook post is “engagement”- and without it, you might not be getting very far.

Here are some ways to make your Facebook followers become paying customers, as well as fans of your business.


Post At The Right Times

Shorty Award for Social Media winner Dan Zarella asserts that noon and shortly after 7pm are the best times to share status updates on Facebook. Around noon, most people are taking their lunch breaks, and they are more likely to log onto social media to catch up on the stories/posts they missed that morning. After 7pm, people are usually off work, and have more time to spend in Facebook.

You can make it easier for people to find your posts and to see your notifications if you engage with them when they’re not in a hurry. These are often the times that customers are more likely to respond to your posts and interact with you. When customers feel that you’re paying attention to their inquiries, they are more likely to patronize your business.


Ask Questions

All of your Facebook posts shouldn’t be announcements about your new products or services. Be sure to ask your followers questions to keep them interested in your company. Asking questions also shows that you’re taking the time to get to know your clients, and is an excellent customer service tool.

Inquire about ways that you can make your services or products better. Ask your customers how useful your products have been to them. Encourage followers to give their opinions about social issues that pertain to your industry. This way, people will look forward to visiting your page and engaging with you and other followers.


Post Pictures

High-quality pictures truly are worth a thousand words. A photo will stand out, draw the attention of your followers and get people talking. You can post pictures of a new product, or post a few photos of you and your staff working on a fun project. You can also upload pictures of customers who have expressed their satisfaction with your services (and given you permission to post their photo). Pictures indicate that your business isn’t afraid to be transparent, and sends the message that you’re proud of the items or services that you offer to customers.


Better yet, share videos. Video is the medium that is slowly but very surely taking over everything, and it’s time to get on board. Upload clips from your YouTube channel, a recent Instagram post, or even try out the new Facebook Live feature! Your videos do not need to be high quality- just get to creating and sharing!


Some other ideas:

Hold Facebook contests every now and then. Give a prize to the customer who uploads the most entertaining photo of your product. Ask customers to write a short note telling you about a friend or family member who could use your services. Interacting with your customers in a variety of ways gives your company an interesting yet professional reputation, and boosts your chances of having a large and sustained Facebook following.


Be sure to keep up with you page and answer all questions or comments, and generally interact with your following to ensure a high engagement rate!

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