How to Market Your Business on YouTube

How to Market Your Business on YouTube

Social media has changed the way that businesses market their goods and services. It makes for a more open dialogue for consumers to stay connected with their favorite companies. Facebook and Twitter are usually the first two social media platforms that come to mind when thinking about marketing your business, but you shouldn’t ignore the power of YouTube.


Now, the way that you use YouTube for marketing is going to vary based on the type of business that you run. One of the most popular ways to market is by posting videos that teach someone how to do something. For instance, you can create a how-to video on changing the furnace air filter that goes over the basic steps and why this is an essential portion of routine maintenance of a furnace. You may think that you’re shooting yourself in the foot by teaching others, including those in your target audience, to do tasks that you normally charge them for during service calls, but this serves a higher purpose. Creating these videos helps to set you up in their mind as an expert in your field. Yes, you may miss out on changing their air filter, but those in your target audience will be exposed to your brand. This will help to keep your business in mind first when it comes to fixing their furnace or even handling the routine maintenance that you showed them but just didn’t have time to do themselves.


You may think that it’s impossible to market your business on YouTube, but be creative. Keep your target audience in mind when brainstorming ideas. If you find yourself stuck, do a little research. Check out what your competitors are doing with their YouTube channels. Look not only to see what types of videos they’re posting but the popularity of the videos. You can do this by seeing how many views, comments, and channel followers are on the page. This can help you to see what’s working well and what’s not before starting your own channel.


YouTube shouldn’t be ignored as a powerful social media marketing tool. There are one billion active users visiting YouTube every month. That’s a pretty big audience to ignore completely for your business. Connecting with the younger generation can often require out of the box thinking, and YouTube offers that in spades.


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