Why You Should Outsource Your Web Design

Why You Should Outsource Your Web Design

The Internet has always bred a DIY attitude, especially when it comes to web design. From the glitchy early days of Geocities to customizing the layouts of your Xanga and Myspace pages, there’s always been plenty of tools to build a website with basic knowledge of HTML. Even today, services like Squarespace and Wix exist for people to easily create pages that reflect their personalities.

But there’s a common denominator between all these platforms: they favor ease-of-use and rapid-paced site building over functionality. For a personal website or a social media account, that’s perfectly fine. But that same idea won’t fly with your business site. We’ve talked about about why these websites-in-a-box aren’t the way to go. So, what are you supposed to do? Trying to figure out how to build a site from scratch is going to be an uphill battle if you’re not intimately familiar with web design and development. That’s why you’ll want to outsource your web design with a professional. Here’s why:

Allows You to Focus on Your Business

Your work needs to be your primary focus. Trying to add on building a website to your lengthy to-do list is only going to cause you more stress and may even lengthen the process it takes to get your new website live. Do you really want to be sorting through source code and image tags when you’ve got a major client deadline coming up? As we reiterate again and again on this blog, your website is crucial to your business. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

Let the Experts Deal with the Minutia

Here’s a fun exercise: In Google Chrome, go to the “view” menu, then “developer”, and then “developer tools”. Overwhelmed by what you see? That’s natural. However, this is where the real magic of web design happens. Services like Squarespace circumvent this step for the user, but really it’s doing all of this behind the scenes. It’s like using Google Translate to get a close approximation of what you mean, even if it’s a little off. That’s why you need someone who can speak the language on your team. Being fluent in CSS/HTML means you can get exactly the site you want.

Ensures Quality

Web designers are experts in their field for a reason. They’ve dedicated their careers to knowing the ins-and-outs of what makes a great website. This isn’t just about knowing the tools and navigating a site’s backend. It’s also about staying up on new trends and predicting what’s coming next. You want a website that can scale with you and a professional designer can help make that happen. Trying to do it yourself can get the job done, but having a professional taking the lead means that you’ll have a website that looks good today, tomorrow, and in the future.
Are you ready to make the leap from do-it-yourself to done-by-professional? Whether you’re looking to refresh your current website or create something entirely new, N2Q can help. Our team of web designers, developers, and SEO experts can build you a site that you and your customers will both love. While you handle the important work with your business, we’ll take care of the website. Find out more about our web design services.

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