Partnering With No to the Quo for Social Media Growth

Partnering With No to the Quo for Social Media Growth

As No to the Quo builds a foundation for a Facebook audience and curates content for your fans, we want to partner with you and your team to help increase reach and extend the message as far as possible. With your participation in the steps below, we expect the fan count to rise, engagement to grow, and better content to share with your audience.

1. Share the page with your friends

Pinky's Passion Facebook Page

Click the gears icon under the timeline cover image and you’ll see an option to share the page. By sharing the page it will bring Pinky’s to the newsfeed of your friends. Write a quick sentence as to why you like the page and why you’d like your friends to click the like button too.

Sharing something personal and practical will help people follow through with the request to like the page.

2. Engage with Posted Content

Typically, Facebook only shows posted content in a newsfeed to 16% of your entire audience. So, if you have 100 fans, only 16 people will see the latest post you made. The reason for the shortage is that Facebook wants you to spend to promote the post and put some coins in their coffer. In order to increase reach without spending to promote every post, you need your fans to spread the content for you.

That’s where you come in! Liking, commenting or sharing the content will continue the efforts to expand the reach and ensure all of our fans see our content. The more who share the content the greater the potential to increase audience and fans.

3. Send good links or content to Kyle or Lindsey to Post

If you find a good article related to Parkinson’s or you have a good story to tell, send an email to Kyle ([email protected]) or to Lindsey to post to the page. While we don’t want to post too much content, it is better to have too much than too little. Posting content on a daily basis will keep Pinky’s front of mind to your audience and increase engagement.

As we move forward to promote the Walk and push registrations, it will be all the more important to have your help in spreading the message about Pinky’s Facebook page and partnering with No to the Quo to get the message out. Together, we can surpass our goals set at the beginning (1000 fans and 20% increased registration), but it will require teamwork!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for new graphics designed to promote the Walk that you can share through social channels as well as email. Once those graphics are made, we will start the advertising on Google and Facebook. Kyle has direct access to the advertising staff at Facebook and has already begun discussing strategy with them to promote the page and get a high number of fans and attention to the page.

Thank you for your excitement and participation!


Kyle Willis
No to the Quo
[email protected]

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