RLO Training Recap *UPDATED*

RLO Training Recap *UPDATED*

This is a recap of the presentation I have to the RLO Training groups. This was on April 19th, at 9 am PST.
For over two hours we covered what social media is. This includes how to develop a social media strategy. Additionally, we talked about the practical ways to create value from the social networks you are on. We had a great crowd and the attendees asked really good questions. Questions that hopefully provided clear answers and keys they could take away.

RLO Attendees:

It was a privilege connecting with you all today! Thank you for giving me the time to share my passion for social media. To educate you on what it is, and train you on how to develop a social strategy. I hope you found the material informative and useful. For those who have already developed a social media strategy and the information, today was more basic than you were hoping for, feel free to pop over to my blog and take a look at some of the social media posts I’ve written to see if there is anything more specific I can help you with.

[Also, remember, I am offering 50% OFF your first month of social media management if you sign up for three or more months. Hiring a social media consultant is a great way to get the results we talked about without having to spend so much of your time doing all the legwork. With monthly prices as low as $200 a month, hopefully, there is a pricing structure to fit every budget and need.

I know we covered a lot of material so I wanted to make sure you had access to my PPT slides in case you didn’t get to write down something I showed or you wanted to see some of the slides we skipped through at the end.

For those who attended the first workshop: You can download the PPT file here.

For those who attended the second workshop: You can download the PPT file here.

And we didn’t have time to watch these videos, but here are a few case studies of companies who’ve run great social media campaigns:


Old Spice:


Thanks again for your time and good luck with your social media!

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