Seeking Seattle’s Premier SEO Specialist (FILLED)

Seeking Seattle’s Premier SEO Specialist (FILLED)

An SEO specialist is a bonafide SEO junkie. If you could inject Google’s latest algorithm into your veins, you’d do it. You love geeking out over how to optimize content online and staying up to date with the latest changes to search engine changes and new operating procedures. You know the best tools to track progress, automate improvements, and report on results, but you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and dive into Excel when needed.

You know what it takes to get someone on the first page of Google and can confidently predict the time needed to make it happen. You are self-dependent and don’t need someone to tell you how to do your job because you are the expert. You can tell a client what changes they need to make to their website to improve results or make the changes yourself. And you’re not afraid to pick up a phone to call a client or meet with them in person to pitch your services.

None of your family/friends understand what you do and that’s okay, because we do. You aren’t afraid to push the envelope with new ideas or ways of doing things because the status quo is boring. Working at a small agency is ideal for you because you like fast paced and demanding work, but also a fun and rewarding environment.

The SEO specialist will be a full-time role. We think you’re more productive being able to work in your own environment, so you’ll be able to work from home or out of our offices at the Columbia Tower Club. Included in this position will be many benefits, perks and company-provided Macbook Pro and equipment.

To apply, please include your resume and give us two reasons why you’re the ideal SEO specialist. Call it a cover letter or your elevator pitch. We wanna know why we should choose you.

Salary will be DOE, but in the range of $46-52k + benefits and perks.

As an SEO specialist, you are to provide clients with superior results within the area of search engine optimization. You do this by effectively and efficiently developing and executing SEO strategies while continuing work on the day to day management and optimization of client content to ensure all work continues to be elevated. You will communicate directly with both the client and other N2Q team members (account coordinators, account executives, specialists, strategists, director) in order to ensure accounts are achieving the outlined goals and objectives. An SEO specialist is responsible for client satisfaction, delight through the elevation of results, retention and account growth.

Mandatory Requirements:
– Demonstrated ability to successfully develop and execute detailed, efficient, effective and innovative services within your SEO discipline.
– At least 2 years’ experience in an agency setting is preferred.
– Must possess strong interpersonal, presentation and communication skills. Must possess exceptional writing skills.
– Demonstrated ability to seamlessly juggle many projects, always meeting deadlines, and exceeding client and team expectations.
– Must be proficient with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Graphic Design or other technical skills a plus.

We’re a creative marketing agency located in Seattle, WA, that is on a mission to disrupt status quo. We’re industry experts that are disgruntled with mediocre marketing and take pride in delivering incredible service at exceptional rates. We’re the virtual marketing department your small business depends on because we’re agile, dependable and won’t charge you $100/hr to make a simple change to your website.

We treat our employees as the lifeblood of the company, because they are. We provide unmatched flexibility and allow you to work from home without a set 9-5. All we care about is getting our tasks done and exceeding client expectations.

We provide great pay, good benefits, and a beautiful view when you wanna work from an office. Apply today for a job you’ll love and a career you’ll be proud of.


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