Your Social Media Life Made Easier

Your Social Media Life Made Easier

If you’re the social media manager and you are doing your job effectively, than you are likely not too bad at multi-tasking. It’s a job requirement. One of the most important elements of the job is to be able to plan out your tasks and content well, and to find and utilize the best tools for you to do it.

3 Ways To Make Your Social Media Life Easier

1) Schedule your posts AT LEAST two days in advance

For weekly post creation and curation, you can reduce stress and increase quality by scheduling out future posts. Facebook has the scheduling tools you need built into it, allowing you to schedule a day and time for your post to go live in the future. Other platforms like Twitter and Google+, on the other hand, require outside programs to accomplish this (Hootsuite, Sprout Social, etc.). It’s worth getting to know these tools, because the time you can save avoiding jumping from platform to platform is phenomenal. 

2)   Make a folder and start collecting great images and graphics you like

Assuming you already know that images are a vital part of every post, it helps to have some great original or stock images and graphics ready to go for future posts. Make a folder that is divided into general categories (i.e., landscapes, people) that generally would fit the kinds of posts you write. That way you don’t have to spend so much time digging through images every day and lose the rhythm that is so easily lost when creating posts.

3) Stare out the window

This applies to pretty much any creative endeavor. Your creativity will begin to shrink if you stare at your computer for 8-10 hours. You’re a writer, you need inspiration! Take a walk, get up and stretch, go climb a tree, do something to get the creative juices sloshing again. Even if you step away from your work, you’ll make up for that time when you sit back down refreshed and with everything back in perspective. Blank spaces in need of your content can look pretty ominous, and stepping away can change that.  

Stressed Does Not = Success

The image of the harried businessman buried under piles of paperwork doesn’t have to be you. Utilize the points mentioned previously, and take some time to develop your own time-saving and stress-reducing methods. Building good systems to better and most efficiently utilize your time can bring you closer to today’s American Dream: a job that doesn’t shorten your life-span!

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