What Social Media Platform is Right For You?

What Social Media Platform is Right For You?

In today’s world, social media is by far the most effective means to get your brand in front of potential buyers. Some experts suggest that you need to be active on all forms of social media to maintain and grow your brand, but let’s be real: ain’t nobody got time for that.

Without having a dedicated social media manager, many small and mid-level businesses need to concentrate their social media marketing efforts to a few select channels that work for them. To help you figure out which social media channels are best for your business and your audience, let’s take a look at the top five:


1) Twitter – Experts agree that every company should be present on this social media channel, but it is mostly ideal for B2B brands. So if your audience is other businesses or brands, Twitter is the place to put your time. It’s recommended that you post on Twitter several times per day to be effective, and you can use scheduling tools to help with that effort.


2) Instagram – In light of current trends, we recommend every road have a presence  on Instagram as well, and it’s an especially helpful channel for lifestyle, food, fashion, and very visual-oriented brands or businesses. The visual nature of the platform allows for a creative and aesthetic angle to be showcased for your audience, and it’s video component is only growing in popularity. Posting here once or twice a day is a good rule of thumb, and keep in mind that most customers will view your content on nights and weekends. This platform is still on the up and up, and offers great advertising opportunity due to it’s parent company, Facebook.


3) LinkedIn – This channel is useful for businesses, job seekers, and recruiters. LinkedIn allows you to network with other businesses and potential employees. It is recommended to post here two to four times per week. One word of caution here: Paid users can see who is looking at their profile.


4) Facebook – Who should be using Facebook? Everybody! Facebook allows you to post ads, events, and content to all of your friends and followers. Handy tools allow you to analyze the data from each post, or you can utilize the Pages application for even further detail. It is recommended that you post on Facebook one to two times per day. Track which days and times have the most success for your posts.


5) Snapchat  – This platform has been around for years but only recently seen an enormous uptick in usage- so much so that it has surpassed Twitter and Instagram in usage metrics! The platform can be confusing to learn, but if your audience is in the 14-25 age group, you need to be active on Snapchat. This channel allows you to be authentic, personal and a more informal with what you share and how you engage. Try to add a few updates to your Story every day, as it all vanishes within 24 hours.


Other great social media channels are available to your business such as Yelp, Pinterest, and YouTube. The key to deciding which channels to use for your business can be as simple as figuring out which ones your customer base prefers. If you don’t have the time to manage this vital part of your business, consult a marketing professional who can manage your social media for you.

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