A Rapidly Social World – 2013 Stats for Social Networks

A Rapidly Social World – 2013 Stats for Social Networks

If social networking websites are declared as countries, then Facebook will stand tall as the 3rd largest country with over 1 billion people! China & India being the first and the second largest countries, respectively. Social media has literally created a larger and bigger virtual planet for people who daily interact through this media.

The social media is a cluster of websites, applications & software; basically it is anything that provides you an effective & functional platform to meet new people, get in touch with the old ones, interact with your target audience, engage in business networking, create a blog, express yourself, find a suitable job, keep yourself updated, advertise for your services, follow your favorite celebrities, share your opinions, reactions, pictures, thoughts, likes, dislikes …phew! The possibilities are endless!!

Social media has slowly crawled in and become an essential part of not only your life, but millions of other lives around the world as well. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google+ and many more, have become so entwined in our lives that a large number of people check their profile notifications and share content on FB and Twitter even before they brush their teeth or have a shower! Apart from these big names, there are a number of other players in the arena as well. The online temptation is all the more alluring with websites like Instagram, Pinterest, Stumble Upon. A person may feel like Alice, amazed by the wondrous world of social media and exploring each fold of it.

Let’s have a sneak peek into the events of the social media world:


  • The number of Facebook users has crossed the mark of 1 billion
  • Out of every 7 minutes that are spent online, 1 minute is spent on FB
  • 3 in every 15 people on earth are ‘online’ on Facebook on any given day
  • 23% of the FB users check their profile 5 times or more in a day
  • 80% of FB users like to connect with brands on FB


  • 500+ million registered accounts
  • 21% of the world’s Internet population are using Twitter every month
  • 34% of marketing professionals have used Twitter to generate leads


  • Every second 28 people are searched on the LinkedIn website & apps
  • With each second 2 new members join the LinkedIn network
  • Executives working with the fortune 500 hundred companies have their active profiles on LinkedIn


  • It is the second largest social network with over 625,000 people joining Google+ each day
  • The +1 button is pressed 5 million times a day
  • Websites using the +1 button increase their page traffic by 350%

The ever-expanding social media is fueled by two key factors – mobile phones users & older generations joining the virtual world. According to a recent study, smartphone users are more likely to be active on social media than average Internet users. Also, Facebook and Twitter saw a 46% and  80% increase in users belonging to the age group of 45-54 years and 55-64 years respectively.

The growth stats of some of the giants of social media market are enough to churn our imaginations. We know that future is unpredictable, but as of now the social media is on a strong ride upwards and will continue to be so for a while.

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