Social Media Strategy: Mapping It Out

Social Media Strategy: Mapping It Out

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” George Washington Carver

It sounds a bit dramatic related to social media, but it’s true. If you don’t have a solid social media marketing strategy in place, you won’t go anywhere. If you had a specific destination for a road-trip, you would never get in your car with no idea what direction your destination is and hope for the best. That’s ok if aimlessness is actually the point of your trip, but not if you actually have a goal in mind. You need to create a map of what’s around you, be aware of the obstacles you might face, and than plot the most efficient course to that destination.

Here are a few elements of your social media map to be aware of before starting the marketing engine

1) Know Your Audience

What does your audience like? What does your audience NOT like? What is an audience need for which you can provide a solution? Being able to answer these kinds of questions will help you articulate just who it is you’re reaching out to and will help predict interest and engagement. Send out surveys, and ask face-to-face questions to followers you know personally. Harvest all the info you can. Knowing as much as possible about your audience is key to forming a confident marketing plan. 

2) Know Your Competition

Seeing how other people find the best routes to their destination can help your when planning your own road trip. There is a lot to be gained by identifying your top competitors, and than exploring what it is that they do well (and perhaps avoid pitfalls they’ve fallen into). Obviously you want to plan your own route, and nothing will be gained by trying to directly copy someone else. In fact, there is a lot to be lost: your own brand identity. Look for the principles, not the specifics. What is appealing about how your competitors present themselves? What can you do to strike similar chords while presenting yourself in a unique way? The activity of observing your best competitors can be one of your greatest allies.

3) “Know Thyself”

Socrates knew what he was talking about. If you don’t know who you are and what great things you have to offer, you will lack the wisdom to swing those tools effectively. The great thing about both knowing your audience and knowing your competitors is that while they help you, you still get to create the brand identity that is uniquely yours, powered by YOUR vision and YOUR passion. Never lose sight of the original goal and idea. Keep coming back to your core value: “What do I love about what I do, and what am I passionate about.”

Timing and planning makes your trip most effective 

It’s the same with your social media. You need to map out your business environment, budget for the “fuel” that the plan will require, and after careful planning be freed to engage in the plan and drive confidently with the knowledge that the map is sound.

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