Social Media Winners for Super Bowl XLVIII

Social Media Winners for Super Bowl XLVIII

Social Media during the Super Bowl

While Facebook continuous to be the most mentioned social network, Twitter also had great exposure with 58 percent of Super Bowl 2014 ads having hashtags.  The Super Bowl ads already generated 130 million views and more than 1 million social media activities like shares and retweets.

According to USA Today Ad Meter 2014, the social media winning ad was: “Puppy Love” by Budweiser.

What brands did well:

  • Dorito’s time machine
  • Budweiser: Puppy Love- 36 million views on Youtube and 1.3 million shares.
  • Doritos: Cowboy kid
  • Budweiser: A Hero’s Welcome
  • Doritos: Time machine
  • Radio Shack: The phone call
  • 2015 Hyundai Genesis: dad’s sixth sense
  • Cheerios: Gracie
  • Microsoft: Empowering
  • Coca-cola: Going all the way.
  • Pepsi: #Halftime intro

Source: USA Today ad meter

Ranking according to social chatter:

The following are the top ads with the highest social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube according to ListenFirst’s Super Bowl Digital Index:

  • Budweiser: Puppy Love- it scored 99.7 in ListenFirst’s Super Bowl Digital Index, making it #1 in social media chatter.
  • Coca-Cola: Going all the way. It ranked second to Puppy Love in social media chatter with its 78.4 score in ListenFirst’s Super Bowl Digital Index.

Other high rankers:

  • Doritos’ “Cowboy Kid” (USAT ranking: No. 2. TiVo ranking: No. 3)
  • Doritos’ “Time Machine” (USAT ranking No. 4, TiVo ranking: No. 5)
  • Bud’s “Hero’s Welcome” (USAT ranking: No. 3)
  • RadioShack’s “The Phone Call” (USAT ranking: No. 5, TiVo ranking: No. 6)


Ranking according to number of shares:

  • Budweiser “Puppy Love”- 1,309,403 shares
  • Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome”- 202,556 shares
  • Axe “Super Bowl 2014″- 136,282 shares
  • Jaguar “Rendezvous”- 125,896 shares
  • Bud Light “I am Up for Whatever”- 123,418 shares
  • Kia “The Truth”- 106,491 shares
  • Volkswagen “Wings”- 104,906 shares
  • Cheerios “Gracie”- 100,173 shares
  • Toyota “The Muppets with Terry Crews”- 74,128 shares
  • Chevrolet “Romance”- 70,945 shares

Source: Unruly’s Top Ten Most Shared 2014 Super Bowl Ads

Stats on most used hashtags:

More than 50 percent of Super Bowl 2014 ads included a social hashtag. These hashtags spread on social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.

  • #bestbuds for puppy love
  • #upforwhatever for bud light
  • #stayuncompromised for audi
  • #liveyourdream and #itsgotime for GoDaddy
  • #silveradostrong for Chevy
  • #AmericaIsBeautiful for Coke

Statistics of 2014 Super Bowl Ads’ Social Actions

Online views and social media interactions:

Budweiser Puppy love- 1.3 million social actions talking about its ads.
Go Daddy- Online views: 2.4 millionSocial interactions: 33,000
Sprint: Online views: 4,600; Social interactions: 200
WeatherTech: Online views: 12,000; Social interactions: 375
Jeep: Online views: 180,000; Social interactions: 2,500
Jack in the Box: Online views: 27,000; Social interactions: 1,600

Source: Crainsnewyork

 Super Bowl Social Media Analysis:

According to CrowdTap, 93% of viewers will discuss the Super Bowl ads with peers, while 61 percent of them will share the ads on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. About 37.6 percent of the viewers will watch the ads before the Super bowl game. Whereas, 67.4 percent of the viewers will also post about the ads they saw during the game on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s the breakdown of social media activity on social networks during the Super bowl

  • Facebook (shares and posts)- 55 percent or more
  • SMS (text messages)- 40 percent or more
  • Calls- 28 percent or more
  • Tweets- 25.1 percent
  • Emails-13.2 percent
  • IM- 12.5
  • Blogs- 7.2 percent

Source: CrowdTap

How do ads go viral?

The Super Bowl is a very exciting event not only for sports enthusiasts, but to advertisers as well. Surveys show that 78% of viewers enjoy the commercials more than the game itself. This is true, especially if they’re not betting on the winning team. Many ads were released before Sunday night.  Marketers also created viral activity before the actual game. Any brand, small or big can make it viral. Going ‘viral’ means getting the most mentions, conversations, videos, emails, blogs, news articles, shares and tweets. Even small businesses can have an overnight success with an ad that goes viral.

What makes an ad viral?

  • Timing. Using a recent movie, activity, or anything that catches the attention of the world or the country in particular is a big plus. The audience must already be stirred with the concept so that the ad will just supplement or carry on the relative conversation.
  • Popular celebrity. If you hire a celebrity, people are ten times more likely to click the ads
  • Emotional Pull. The ads must have a heart. It can be funny, inspiring, motivational or exciting.
  • Extreme Situations: People have a thing for adventure.
  • Informational.  Who doesn’t want to watch ads that have information from renowned experts around the world? People want to learn something new.
  • Good music. You hear your favorite music and you also understand the commercial better.

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