Social Media Tips for Hair Salons

Social Media Tips for Hair Salons

Want to prove your hair styling skills to the world and technique in cutting hair? Nothing is more effective than social media if these are your objectives. With the powerful exposure provided by social networks, you can attract not only potential customers but can also build your business as a strong brand around your unique style and approach to hair.

But how do you use this power? How do you create an envious brand presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? Here are a few simple social media tips to follow!

1). Display High Tech Images of Hairstyles Done

Before doing this, do ask your customer for their approval. With every successful (and amazing looking) haircut, take a snapshot with a digital camera. Don’t rely on your smartphone camera for this! High tech pictures are bound to bring more positive results and gives your images a glossy look that phones just can’t live up to. A little bit of Photoshopping for enhanced results can work wonders too.

2). Show Yourself as an Expert

Another great tip for hair salons would be to show yourself off as an expert.  Give hairstyle suggestions, talk about latest hair cut trends and help people understand the need for having the right hairstyle for the right season or the right occasion!

3). Connect with Your Customers and Ask their Opinion

When it comes to beauty and hairstyling, people are often very vocal in their opinion. This readiness for communicating or asking opinion from beauty professionals is what makes this industry the most successful on social media. People will instantly reply to any opinion/question you post. Compare hairstyles, ask questions about latest celebrity hairstyles, post polls – anything that can make your customer talk to you.

4). Share Content that Can Become Viral

Strategize on sharing content that can go viral. Hair salons have a benefit here as it belongs to the category of the, “beauty industry,” where people readily become fans of a brand should they see useful updates and posts. Where you are already being followed as a hair expert, you will get more followership if the content posted is interesting and of value.

5). Keep Your Profile Active

Being in the hair salon business, you need a constant influx of customers if you want sustainable business, and a constant influx of customers is only possible if you keep your online profile active and updated on a daily basis. This is one of the most important social media tips we can offer: it’s not just about having an online profile, but maintaining that profile over the months and years to come. Invest in a social media expert if you can’t manage it on your own. At the end of it, your hair salon business in this tech savvy age requires social media empowerment if it has to be successful!

So! Feeling all boosted up now? Great! Use these social media tips to get your profiles active right now for enhanced revenue and success!

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