Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Think real estate is too much of a corporate industry to take social media seriously? Well, you’d be surprised in that matter. Imagine the influx of customers if you kept people updated with latest property availability  and gave them details of the rent right on your social media account. Imagine the number of followers you’d get if you tweet latest news, trends and happenings in the real estate industry. Too late into the game to get started? It’s not. You just have to be strategic and offer real value to your audience.

Here are a few tips to get your real estate business up and running via social networks!

 1). Focus on Property Dealings in Your Neighborhood

Start local – go global. At least, that’s what is suggested for startup businesses. So even if you’re an established real estate agent/business, you still need to focus on your local area for a social media campaign before you can expect positive results. Bringing your local area into the spotlight shows your passion and dedication while also bringing your followers who trust and credit you as a reliable business (that is if you offer them good services!) So for starters, make a list of all property dealings available in your neighborhood and gradually move on to adjacent areas.

2). Use a Blend of Property Images, Quotes or Tips for Property Buyers

Just because you’re a real estate dealer doesn’t mean you have to be boring or tryingly professional. Make your offers or services interesting by sharing images, motivational quotes (relative to your target audience and your industry) or even home buying tips! The amount of rich content you can share and post on social media is limitless. You just need to invest a good amount of time every week to generate a proper posting plan.


3). Connect and Engage with Your Existing as Well as Potential Customers

Don’t just post content. Connect with your customers. Make them feel a part of your content posting plan. Ask questions, post polls, and reply to their comments. With powerful tagging and sharing features offered by social media channels, it is absolutely not a problem at all to connect and engage with your audience. When you interact, there are more chances of them sharing your content – thus making you a viral success!

4). Run a Blog and Give Real Estate Buying Tips or Guidelines

Real estate blogs don’t necessarily have to be corporate oriented. You can share valuable knowledge, help customers with real estate buying/renting guides and answer to their queries on your blog. Not only will you gain a good followership but also clients who will readily recommend you based on your solid real time as well as online experience!

5). Be Available on All Social Channels

Don’t focus all your activities on one social platform. Just because Facebook has over a billion users doesn’t mean you underestimate the rest of the channels. Use Twitter to meet up with professionals in the industry and learn more about the industry (there is always room for improvement!). Get on LinkedIn if you’re looking for assistants or want to connect with real estate companies. Create boards on Pinterest and get your users to go WOW on all your postings. This may seem like a lot of work and many real estate agents would neglect the power of social media; failing to realize that with changing times, people have become very “online savvy” and expect all services to be easily accessible. Invest a little money, a little time and a little patience and you may be the most enviable real estate agent of your town!

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