Social Media Tips for Restaurants

Social Media Tips for Restaurants

For his love of food, Mr. Foodie just finished with the launch ceremony of his fine dining restaurant the previous day. Now, like every other restaurant owner, Mr. Foodie wants his restaurant to be the most popular restaurant in town. How should he carry out this objective? What marketing strategies should he use? Should he spend hundreds of dollars (even though he hasn’t even earned that much) in creating and distributing brochures/flyers, magazine and newspaper ads? Or should he simply rely on word of mouth marketing? Well, in essence, a combination of all these are perfect to create a buzz BUT that is not equal to half the power that social media provides. He needs some solid social media tips for restaurants, to strategize for the growth and exposure he wants, and that’s where we come in.

To help Mr. Foodie out (and any of our visitors, like you, looking for social media tips for restaurants), here are some great strategies to get started with:

1). Put Up Tantalizing Images of Food People Love

Right…let’s be a little creative here. Don’t just click random pictures of the food with your iPhone. You need to have high resolution, digital images to create an impact. Food looks amazing when it’s captured as a polished image rather than what looks like a random click of the phone (not that smartphones don’t have awesome cameras!).  So, hire a professional photographer or buy a good camera – either ways, get some hotshot images of your tantalizing beef steak!

2). Put Up Food Recipes or Food Tips

People love getting recipes from professional restaurants! You don’t have to give away your secret ingredients ofcourse, but you can always manage a good ole appetizer recipe. Don’t forget to give people professional food cooking/handling tips. This shows you care for your customers and apart from the regular promotional items, you also give something that is helpful and beneficial.

3). Start Connecting with People

Don’t just post stuff. Connect with people via polls, contests or intersting giveaways (over a contest won). If you can, give a promotional discount offer as this will attract the audience to try out your dishes at a lower price and if you can keep them happy – you’re the next food revolution!

social media tips for restaurants 24). Dress Up Your Facebook Page

Create a stylish timeline header (that promotes your business and is not a random food wallpaper). Set up the image of a brand, because when you advertise yourself as a brand, chances are people will look at you as a brand they would want to be a part of.  Though social media is an awesome platform to get exposure, it needs more than just status updates to be recognized. It needs to be dressed up in the color, theme and style of your brand. Get a professional to do that for you!

5). Keep Your Social Media Active and Updated

So if Mr.Foodie has managed to get hundreds of likes on his page and his restaurant is already growing into a popular eatery  in town..should he slow down with his social media plans? Absolutely not. Why? Because the competition is fierce. If he slows down his social media activities today, tomorrow another competitor could pick up from there and beat him face down! So, he needs to must up a little courage and get his social media active and upated – through and through.

With all these helpful tips, we’re sure Mr.Foodie is going to enjoy his new found popularity and ofcourse increased ROI every month! Wishing him best of luck! social media tips for restaurants

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