Television to Go Mobile: Waiting for the Next Big Thing on TV

Television to Go Mobile: Waiting for the Next Big Thing on TV

Pick up the TV guide lately? Or in the last 10 years? Probably not, what with the digital guide now accessible by your cable provider. But whether in print or on screen, something is different about the shows listed in the guide. They’re not there anymore!

From the days of fabulous sitcoms like Seinfeld and Friends to popular reality TV series like Survivor to drama movie TV shows like Lost, that reeled in millions of viewers each week, we are now entering a dark age. Since the series finale of Breaking Bad, which broke basic cable’s record of most watched television show ever (over 10 million viewers), people are wondering what’s next? Especially if TV giants like Grey’s Anatomy are rumored to be ending soon as well.

But, its not like the networks aren’t trying. They are bringing Michael J. Fox back, continuing Parks and Rec and trying to get everyone to feel like a superhero with the new Marvel show. Other shows appearing on television this fall met a silent audience including Lucky 7, starring Rebel Wilson.

Some television enthusiasts are so fearful about their future binge watching, they are willing to make the program megastars (like Breaking Bad) go mobile and prolong their success. With Breaking Bad, the DreamWorks CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, said “I would pay $75m for three new Breaking Bad episodes,” that he wanted to distribute in small featurettes that mobile users could access for $.50/day. He would make his money back, make a formidable jump into mobile television and let America get their Breaking Bad fix. No pun intended.

What do you think will be the next TV superstar? Or what direction do you think television is headed? From sitcoms, reality shows, and mockumentaries, what is next for the boob tube? Or will we all be watching 30 second segments of our old favorites reinvented to be played on our smartphones. After all who wouldn’t love a Seinfeld reunion?

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