Tell a Better Story with a New Domain

Tell a Better Story with a New Domain

When we started N2Q back in 2011 (at that time, it was called No to the Quo Consulting), coming up with a domain name was harder than finding a parking spot at the mall during Christmas. Endless searches resulted in constant notifications telling us that our query turned up with the domain not available. That story isn’t the same anymore. With new domains, also known as top-level-domains (TLDs), the domain market is not so crowded anymore.

Our  mission is to help our clients tell a better story, so we’ve become very excited by the new opportunities to look beyond .COM. If you’ve had a hard time finding a .COM that accurately captures your business, check out some of the new domains now available.

You can already lock in domains guaranteed to strike up a conversation like  .SOCIAL and .NINJA. Consultants rejoice: you can use .CONSULTING to showcase your expertise and simplify your web presence. Musicians, TV shows, or celebrity fan sites need to check out .ROCKS and .REVIEWS. If you’re a lawyer, you’re in luck as both .LAWYER and .ATTORNEY hit general availability to rave reviews from legal experts and lawyers alike. There are a ton of game-changing identities already available. So what’s coming up in the near future for more domain choices?

If you’re in the military or want to honor someone who was, .ARMY, .NAVY, .AIRFORCE, and .VET are now available

  • .MARKET is available for your e-commerce store, your marketing firm, or maybe even a dating site (please no more Christian Mingle commercials though)
  • Are you in the real estate industry? Check out .MORTGAGE.  This domain is a no-brainer for anyone putting their house up for sale and looking to catch more eyes for their listing
  • Other TLDs just around the corner are .ENGINEER, .FORSALE, .AUCTION, .DENTIST, and many more


There are endless options and ways to make your name pop with new TLDs. So no need to be frustrated while .COMs have become status quo and most of the best names are already taken. You wouldn’t want your brand or business to blend in with those around you in the physical world, so why let your website get lost in the common sphere defined by the .COMs? We’re not saying you have to abandon your .COM, but be willing to look beyond it! New TLDs that are tailored to your audience and skillet are what will catch eyes and help your business be remembered.

Discover more options with these new TLDs, attract more visitors online, and be assured that you’re web identity is unique and without match on the web. Not sure where to get started? Check out http://thisurl.ROCKS for some creative and humorous ideas.

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