The Importance of Brand Engagement and Digital Marketing

The Importance of Brand Engagement and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is continuing to grow with no plans of slowing down. Digital marketing and brand engagement are absolute musts for companies that want to be remembered and successful. Companies, especially smaller organizations must connect with potential customers in a thoughtful, compelling and unique way. Through social media, sponsorships, and cause marketing, small companies have made a big name for themselves. To find out how a few small companies have made the most of digital marketing, read on.

Cause marketing is a great way to take advantage of digital marketing. The Smile Generation proves this by using their network of 400 dental offices in 14 states to not only drive traffic to their website, but to raise over $2 million for their charity, charity: water.

The Smile Generation utilizes social media and cause marketing to connect with their current and prospective patients. On The Smile Generation website, customers are asked to share their feedback on the charity and organization via Facebook and Twitter.

A genius company, Sevenly, is also using cause marketing to transform the digital brand engagement industry. Less than five years ago Sevenly was founded on the belief that “People Matter” and their journey to help change the world for the better began. Each week, Sevenly’s followers bring awareness to some of the world’s greatest causes. Each purchase from Sevenly’s website results in a donation to charity.

Why is this a genius idea? Not only is Sevenly changing lives, they are helping their business thrive at the same time. Each charity partner will likely promote purchases on Sevenly to their audiences. This drives traffic back to Sevenly which creates awareness for the brand, increases sales and encourages others to become a Sevenly Charity partner. Let’s not forget to mention Sevenly has currently raised more than $4 million and helped nearly 1.5 million people.

Another company successfully practicing brand engagement is LeafFilter. LeafFilter Gutter Guards proudly sponsors American stock car driver, Blake Koch. Koch is a member of the TriStar Motorsports driver team piloting the No. 8 Toyota Camry for the NASCAR XFINITY Series.

The #1 professionally installed gutter guard system in America has used its top position in the gutter protection industry and its loyal customer base to back its creation of LeafFilter Racing. LeafFilter used the digital marketing frame of mind to create a website solely dedicated to LeafFilter Racing to drive traffic from a potential untapped audience. Then they began to build out a LeafFilter Racing social media presence to increase the size of their audience even more.

Lastly, Seventh Generation has spent the past 27 years creating powerful plant-based solutions for homes and families. Not only is Seventh Generation making homes and families healthier, they want the community and environment to have access to healthy solutions as well. In addition to performing more than 2,400 community volunteer hours every year, Seventh Generation created The Seventh Generation Foundation to steward social and environmental progress for the communities they live, work and do business in.

A strong social media presence and easily searchable on their website, The Seventh Generation Foundation is hard not to know about. Between their Sustainability Grantmaking Program and the Community Grantmaking Program, the foundation is able to reach their exact, intended audience while broadening their reach and branding with the organizations they support. Each organization supported by Seventh Generation is an additional outlet for the company to gain new customers.

This post is brought to you by a guest author, Michelle Smith. Michelle is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about anything and everything related to digital marketing. She welcomes your feedback via email.

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